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DuoShake DG

Best-in-class technology meets digitalization

Maximum process reliability and machine availability

    DuoShake is a reliable shaking unit that has been established on the market for decades. Thanks to the clever utilization of forces, it makes an indispensable contribution to high-quality paper production. With its new product DuoShake DG (Digital Generation), Voith, in its capacity as technology leader and innovation driver, is taking the next step on its journey to Papermaking 4.0. A comprehensive, exceptionally user-friendly update of control and automation functions significantly improves process reliability and machine availability while lowering operating and maintenance costs. As a result, DuoShake DG has been equipped for the paper production of the future.

    With the DuoShake Digital Generation, we are taking the next step on our journey to Papermaking 4.0.
    Benjamin Kitze, Global Service & Product Manager Forming Section

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    How you benefit from our shaking unit

      Excellent formation through high-frequency shaking

      Sheet formation in the forming section has a considerable influence on paper quality and downstream processing. The system optimizes fiber orientation through high-frequency shaking of the breast roll. The result is excellent formation of all paper grades and a low tensile strength ratio.

      High paper quality

      The DuoShake DG shaking unit for the breast roll contributes to a more homogeneous distribution of fibers and an increased orientation of the fibers in cross direction. Paper quality is increased due to improved formation in Fourdrinier paper machines. This results in benefits for the downstream processing, coating, impregnating and printing of the paper.

      Perfect physics

      Two rotating pairs of imbalance masses are arranged on the hydrostatically mounted carriage of DuoShake DG. The rotation causes forces to develop that are transferred to the breast roll with a shaking rod. Compared with conventional shaking units, the system, which oscillates freely in horizontal direction, only transfers negligibly small friction and centering forces to the base. The base only has to support the dead weight of DuoShake DG; no disruptive reaction forces are transferred to the headbox or wire section.

      Operating parameter changes during operation

      In the event of changes to production conditions or a grade change, new values can be input at any time direct at the paper machine. DuoShake DG allows the infinitely variable adjustment of shake stroke and frequency during operation of the paper machine. There is no mechanical stroke adjustment.

      Installation sizes to meet requirements

      DuoShake DG is available in two different sizes with 250 Nm and 800 Nm drive motors. The size required can be roughly determined based on the operating characteristics. A dimension sheet can be used on site to check whether the space available at the paper mill is sufficient for the installation size selected. The dimension sheet is contained in the brochure.

      Increase efficiency

      Paper producers can reduce fiber consumption by using DuoShake DG. Further savings relate to the use of strengthening agents (chemicals). Overall the system is very robust, and the hydrostatically mounted carriage is low-wear, which results in a very high reliability.

      The new features of DuoShake DG

        Designed for optimum operability and the future of paper production, DuoShake DG enhances the physical production process by exploiting the options offered by digitalization and the use of smart data. The product update has a lot of new features such as real-time data monitoring, including remote monitoring via mobile devices, condition-based maintenance, trend analyses and a cloud connection. Find out more in the following video:

        An informative look behind the scenes

        Our DuoShake expert Benjamin Kitze, Global Service & Product Manager Forming Section at Voith Group Division Paper, explains in an interview which specific customer requirements were incorporated into the development of the DuoShake Digital Generation – and which agile working methods Voith is using for his innovations. Download the following PDF and read the complete interview.

        See how the shaking unit works

          Step by step explanation

          In the video you will see the challenges confronting paper producers during the stock distribution process, as well as the precise functioning and technical background of DuoShake.

          FloatBearing – minimal friction during the shaking process

            Ideal addition to DuoShake DG

            The newly developed FloatBearing is the ideal solution for making optimum use of the performance of the DuoShake DG. The hydrodynamic bearing reduces the friction between the metal surfaces of a shaking unit even at low machine speeds.

            Minimized wear

            The use of the FloatBearing eliminates the inherent disadvantages of cylindrical roller slide bearings. With the hydrodynamic principle, the rotating journal conveys oil into the convergent bearing clearance. The oil pressure building up there lifts the journal from the bearing bushing. This ensures a complete separation of the metal surfaces by the oil. The shaking unit can be operated and the bearing works in a no-wear manner.

            Excellent operational reliability

            Thanks to its compact design, an upgrade to the FloatBearing involves only a small rebuild outlay. The enclosed design, integrated cooling grooves and optimized seal with labyrinths and protective hoods provide for a high level of operational reliability.

            Patented emergency lubrication system

            Even in the case of a short-term stoppage of the oil hydraulic system and associated stoppage of the bearing’s oil supply, limited further operation of the bearing without damage is ensured by a specifically developed and patented emergency lubrication system.

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