Brilliant coating quality

    Highest surface smoothness with blade coating

    The DynaCoat is a direct coating unit mainly used for blade coating. The accurate technology of DynaCoat provides the highest surface smoothness and most excellent gloss values of all coating methods.

    The core of the DynaCoat is a smart blade beam design, which eliminates thermal influences and provides a consistent uniform CD profile. Coating blades in stiff blade and bent blade mode can be used for the highest surface smoothness, and a smooth metering rod can be used for leveling.

    Multiple features – like the contactless free-jet application, police filter to prevent plugging of the color jet, and protection against dry running blades – ensure smooth conditions for blade coating for best runability.

    The DynaCoat concept includes an operator-friendly operation and maintenance concept with automation support. Together with the clean design, efficient production and reduced maintenance time are realized.

    Your benefits with DynaCoat

    • Brilliant coating quality with highest surface smoothness
    • Consistent uniform CD profiles
    • High operational reliability for improved paper machine runability
    • Operator-friendly design for easy operation and service

    Design overview

    1 - Ingoing sheet
    2 - Color application system by JetFlow F or applicator roll
    3 - Color application to the sheet
    4 - Blade beam
    5 - Coating blade
    6 - Backing roll
    7 - Color return channel

    Functional principle

    The accurate technology of DynaCoat provides the highest surface smoothness and most excellent gloss values of all coating methods.


    Comparison of coating methods

    Contour coating offers variable reflection properties and does not improve gloss.

    In contrast, DynaCoat offers mirror reflection properties through leveling coating with blade.

    Select your DynaCoat configuration

      Thanks to the modular concept, DynaCoat offers a variety of configuration options. Each blade coater is optimally tailored to your individual requirements. To give you an overview, we have selected two typical design examples.

      Reliable coater with excellent cost/performance ratio

      • Proven, robust roll applicator
      • Smart blade beam design for good CD profiles – no water circulation system needed
      • Tube loading and tube clamping for reliable blade operation
      • Modern maintenance and operator concept

      This configuration shows a typical setup for board grades with a production speed up to 800 m/min.

      Top-of-the-line coater

      • JetFlow F free-jet applicator for uniform color application and improved runability
      • Carbon fiber blade beam in combination with smart design for best CD profiles
      • Mechanical blade clamping and loading for the highest precision in blade coating
      • Operator-friendly design for easy operation and service
      • Option for MD coat weight control (DynaBlade C) and for CD coat weight control (ModuleCoat)

      This configuration shows a typical setup for graphical and specialty grades with high production speed.

      Consulting and support - Get in contact with us!

        Christoph Henninger

        Global Product Manager


        t +49 7321 37 3302

        Engineered for success

          Suitable for production speeds from 170 to 1900 m/min
          More than 100 DynaCoat blade coaters installed in the last 10 years
          Up to 50% fewer paper brakes with free-jet application
          Suitable for working widths from 2.0 to 11.0 m
          The picture shows the coating section of the Hainan PM 2 with a working width of 11.0 meters and four DynaCoat units installed online.
          The smart blade beam design of DynaCoat eliminates thermal influences and provides excellent CD profiles. In combination with the operator friendly design for efficient production and less maintenance time the DynaCoat is the difference in blade coating.
          Christoph Henninger, Global Product Manager

          Coating Technology Centers

            The pilot coaters at our technology centers offer the perfect opportunity to study coating processes and paper properties under real conditions. We provide you with the support you need to develop your own customized coating concept, carry out trials right up to the printing stage, and undertake basic studies to analyze the influence of machine parameters, coating colors or base paper on coated paper properties.

            Service at the next level for your blade coater

              At Voith, the success of the customer takes center stage. Service means delivering customized service solutions and utilizing our full expertise to help our customers reach their goals.


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