Integrated Uhle box lubrication

Uniform felt conditioning with FilmLube

    Thanks to its novel design, FilmLube ensures uniform lubrication at all times. This results in a more uniform moisture cross profile, improved paper quality and lower water consumption.

    In conventional systems, the Uhle boxes are lubricated by low pressure fan showers that often get blocked. FilmLube, in contrast, is equipped with an integrated lubrication gap directly in front of the Uhle box which ensures optimum application of water over the entire width of the machine. The efficient feed system saves valuable fresh water and improves safety thanks to dry walkways.

    Your benefits

    • Improved paper quality
    • Smooth and even press felt conditioning over the entire felt service life
    • Water savings thanks to targeted application of lubricating water
    • Lower maintenance effort
    • Improved safety thanks to dry walkways

    Operating principle

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      Comparison between conventional lubrication and FilmLube

        Uhle box lubrication

        Uneven lubrication using conventional showers
        Integrated lubrication using FilmLube

        1 - Lateral losses due to incorrectly adjusted nozzles
        2 - Spray mist losses
        3 - Partially blocked nozzle with drifting spray fans
        4 - Completely blocked nozzle
        5 - Even film of spray water
        ! - Areas of potential felt damage

        CD moisture profile [g/m2]

        Fluctuating profile using conventional showers
        More even profile using FilmLube

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