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    Efficient pulping solutions from Voith

    With the right technology, efficient pulping of virgin pulp and recovered paper in stock preparation leads to reduced specific energy consumption. In addition, bottlenecks in pulping capacity are eliminated and improvement in pulping efficiency is ensured. Our pulping rotors and screen plates meet these requirements by improving flow and pulping properties of the stock suspension.

    Rotors and screen plates

      We offer components, spare and wear parts for maintenance and optimization purposes for the following machines:

      LC Pulper HC Pulper Under machine Pulper Detrashing / Discharge Coarse Screening Others
      Virgin pulp Recovered pulp  
      IntensaPulper IP-V IntensaPulper IP-R Pulper HDC Pulper CP IntensaMaXX Combisorter Contaminex CM
      Pulper VS Pulper UP Pulper HDS Pulper AK Contaminex CMV Turboseparator Ragger
        Pulper VSAP Pulper HDST   Fiberizer FiberSorter  
        Pulper AP          
        Pulper ST          


      Pulper rotors

      Rotor name
      Short description
      Pulper Rotor IPV
      The benchmark for virgin applications
      Pulper Rotor IPR
      The perfect design for our IntensaPulper
      Pulper Rotor IRR
      Our customized solution for various pulpers
      Pulper Rotor CP
      The energy efficient rotor for Under-machine-pulpers
      High consistency pulper rotor

      Pulper screen plates

      Screen plate name
      Short description
      The latest screen plate design for our IntensaPulper IP-R. It is perfectly matched to our rotors and offers the best available technology for extended service intervals, low energy consumption and trouble free operation.
      NDuraPlate B
      Bean-shaped pulping screen plate. Available for all kind of LC Pulpers that are operated with recovered pulp. Typically it is used to reduce fiber loss in your pulping system but can also be used to increase the capacity.
      NDura WashBoard
      Profiled screen plate for clean material, mainly broke or virgin pulp. The washboard design combines high deflaking properties with high capacity. Typically it is used for under machine pulpers for most demanding applications.
      NDura QuadraPlate
      Profiled screen plate for clean material, mainly wet strength broke. The Quadra design is optimized for highest deflaking properties at LC conditions.
      Conventional screen plate from Voith
      Conventional screen plate
      Our standard cylindrical drilled screen plates offer a high open area and are available for all kinds of pulpers with and without bars and with different materials that fit to your system.
      NDuraPlate B ML
      Multilayer bean-shaped pulping screen plate

      CurvedBar screen plate from Voith
      The latest bar technology

      The new design of the screen plate for the IntensaPulper IP-R enables a clear increase in service life, resulting in fewer maintenance shutdowns. In addition, the design reduces the lateral forces on the bars. As a result, less rejects are shredded, which otherwise would have to be separated in the subsequent process at great expense. In addition, the wear on the bars is significantly reduced.

      Rotors for flat screen machines

      Application Detrashing / Discharge Coarse Screening
      Rotor name Bow rotor Star rotor Vertical rotor Bow rotor Star rotor
      Machine type IntensaMaXX IntensaMaXX Combisorter Turboseparator Turboseparator
        Contaminex Contaminex   FiberSorter  
        Fiberizer Fiberizer   Combisorter  


      Screen plates material quality

      Screen plate material for all kind of screen plates is available in four qualities to match the customers operation condition, which means chemical load and raw material.

      • Standard: The basic solution
      • Comfort: Most common quality with original equipment
      • Premium W: For highest abrasive wear, low chemical load
      • Premium C: For high abrasion and high chemical load

      Rebuild of pulping systems

        Voith IntensaTechnology for pulpers
        Rebuild to IntensaTechnology

        IntensaTechnology from Voith provides quick and intensive mixing of fibers in pulping. With existing LC (low-consistency) pulpers, the rotor geometry and flow characteristics of the pulp are changed, and the stock consistency is increased in a comprehensive rebuild. With the IntensaTechnology rebuild components, energy savings of up to 50% can be achieved. A doubling of pulping capacity is also possible. The rebuild to IntensaTechnology can also be done on older Voith pulpers and on pulpers from other manufacturers.

        IntensaMaXX pulper from Voith
        Rebuild to IntensaMaXX

        The particular orientation of the rotor-screen unit on the top of the asymmetrically shaped tank ensures that no vortices can form inside IntensaMaXX. Development of spinnings is thus successfully counteracted, and even maximum contaminant contents are not a problem. Reject discharge in a downward direction ensures reliable removal of contaminants. A rebuild to IntensaMaXX is worthwhile in general for capacity increase or as replacements of detrashing machines such as Fiberizer, Contaminex, CMS and CMV or machines of other manufacturers.

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          Discover our service portfolio Servolution

            The condition of the screen plates and rotors is elementary for an economical and efficient operation. Thanks to our expertise, we can guarantee perfect geometry even after many processing cycles. Thus, after our service, the function of your rotor is 100% like a new rotor. With our service workshops we are present worldwide and therefore also close to you! Together we will find the right offer for you.

            Voith service workshops

            Rotor refurbishment service

            Heavy contaminants in recovered paper cause wear to the working elements of your stock preparation machines. In almost all cases, proper performance of these machines depends upon maintaining the original design geometry of the working elements. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive rotor refurbishment service. Our services are applicable to all rotor types and screen plate combinations of the stock preparation equipment, irrespective of the manufacturer and type of pulper.

            rotor before refurbishment
            Rotor before refurbishment
            rotor after refurbishment
            Rotor after refurbishment

            Order your spare and wear parts online

            In the Voith Paper Webshop, the ordering of spare and wear parts is simplified. Customers can opt to search for the spare parts they need using a clearly arranged tree structure or the order number, which may also be a customer-defined internal part number. Your benefits with the Voith Paper Webshop:

            • Personalized area
            • Real time data availability
            • Optimized business processes
            • Order tracking
            • 24/7 convenience

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