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    Raw material handling is of central importance for paper production. Since the raw material is delivered in different forms, e.g. loose material, paper bales, different sizes, dimensions and grades, the machines used must meet these requirements and be able to be applied flexibly and yet precisely. In order to guarantee the optimum quality of the new produced paper, state-of-the-art techniques should already be used in this process step.

    Our solutions for waste paper handling

      Recovered Paper Handling System

      The purpose of a Secondary Fiber Handling System with high consistency slushing is to dewire recovered paper bales automatically and safely and to break them up into a nearly loose condition. For this process step we offer a variaty of solutions which you will find on this page.

      DMOB Mobile Dewiring Device

      Quick and, above all, safe dewiring of recovered paper bales is guaranteed in paper production with the mobile dewiring arms from Voith. Our customers benefit from:
      • Safe dewiring and wire disposal directly from driver's seat
      • High availability due to low maintenance demand
      • Long service life
      • Easy mounting and operation

      DLAT Bale Dewiring Machine

      The Bale Dewiring Machine DLAT ensures a quick and safe dewiring of recovered paper bales with horizontal binding wires. This system offers:
      • Safe dewiring
      • Fast and efficient coiling of the binding wires into compact coils
      • Reduced cost for man power
      • High availability
      • Long lifetime
      • Easy to service and maintain

      WCMA Wire Cutting Machines

      The WCE wire-cutting machine is designed for low-consistency systems and can be integrated in already existing apron belts. Different machine types are available depending on how the wire is wound and how the conveyor is moving. All types have a solid and rugged design suitable for operation outside and ensure a long service life. A factory-provided functional test and preassembly of all functional components ensures a minimal start-up time.

      Our solutions for virgin pulp handling

        Virgin Pulp Handling System

        The purpose of a Virgin Pulp Handling System is to prepare, pre-sort and dewire units i.e. bales of delivered raw materials. For this process step we offer a variaty of solutions which you will find on this page.

        BC Bale Centering Device

        The Bale Centering Device BC aligns single virgin pulp bales to the system center line for further handling. This product offers the following advantages:
        • Exact aligning of bales
        • High availability
        • Long lifetime
        • Easy to service and maintain

        BT-C Clamp Type Bale Turner

        The Clamp Type Bale Turner BT-C turns dewired virgin pulp bales 180° at once. Removal of wrapping material is possible on the following conveyor. Our customers benefit from:
        • Minimum space requirements
        • Higher capacity than a Fork Type Bale Turner BT-F
        • High availability
        • Long lifetime
        • Easy to service and maintain

        CC, CC-D & CC-T Chain Conveyors

        Chain conveyors of different designs are the preferred conveyors in virgin pulp handling systems. They are used for transportation and buffering of units and single bales, as well as for manual dewiring and wrapping removal. Our Chain Conveyors CC, CC-D and CC-T are characterised by a long service life and extremely easy maintenance.

        CC-R & CC-TR Chain Conveyors

        Rotating chain conveyors, stationary or travelling, are used when the direction of transportation in the virgin pulp handling system needs to be changed. This is suitable for units as well as for bales. Our CC-R and CC-TR Chain Conveyors offer a long lifetime and are wear resistant and easy to maintain.

        DSU Unit Destacker & DSS Stack Destacker

        The destacker types DSU and DSS destack pulp units quickly and efficiently. Using those systems offer the following benefits:
        • Safe destacking
        • Reduced cost for man power
        • High availability
        • Easy to service and maintain

        DVIR Single Bale Dewiring Machine

        The DVIR represents the third generation of our dewiring machines for virgin pulp bales. For the first time, all available modern handling technologies were incorporated into one machine. This offers the following advantages:
        • Safe dewiring of pulp bales
        • Fast and efficient coiling of the single bale wires
        • Reduced cost for man power
        • High availability
        • Long lifetime
        • Easy to service and maintain

        HPC Hinged Belt Conveyors

        Hinged Plate Conveyors are used for the disposal of wire coils. The wire coils are transported from either the unit dewiring machine or the single bale dewiring machine for pulp bales or recovered paper bales to a collecting point, for example container or wire coiling machine.

        MD Metal Detector

        Metal Detectors are used after automatic bale dewiring machines for detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals in the raw material. This is particulary necessary for the production of highquality papers.

        MWC Manual Wire Cutting Device

        The Manual Wire Cutting Device MWC cuts binding wires around recovered paper bales and pulp bales. This system offers the following advantages:
        • A pneumatically operated pair of cutter blades makes cutting much easier
        • Straightforward changing of cutter blades by the operators
        • Standard support, moveable over the working area
        • Spring balanced weight compensation of the wire cutter

        UDM Unit Dewiring Machine

        The Unit Dewiring Machines UDM ensure a quick and efficient dewiring of pulp units. For unstable units it is the preferable machine due to its stack fixing from the top.

        WCOI Wire Coiling Machine

        The Wire Coiling Machine WCOI coils efficiently all binding wires from pulp and recovered paper bales into compact bundles. Our customers benefit from:
        • Quick and efficient coiling of binding wires from pulp and recovered paper bales
        • The unit is delivered in a ready-to-work condition, only the electric and pneumatic connection is required
        • Free-standing robust design, anchoring not necessary

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