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    BeltGenius ERIC

    Todays open pit mines operate in ever-more-remote locations under harsh conditions. They need to manage increasing transport distances. And they face volatile raw material prices and increasing energy costs. In this situation, control over energy performance and equipment condition becomes key.

    Digital mining can help. But you’re in the mining business, not the business of mining data. That’s why Voith has developed BeltGenius ERIC—to help mines monitor, benchmark and optimize all their belt conveyors and conveying systems. Now you can have a exact picture of system performance without having to manage any IT infrastructure.

    Act on alerts, not alarms

    With BeltGenius ERIC (Efficiency & Reliability Intelligence Control) from Voith, you can boost efficiency and slash system downtime by evaluating digital simulations of entire conveyor systems during operation. The best thing is that these models calculate the relevant forces with an accuracy better than 99% - predicting failures before they happen.

    Setting up the digital twin – it‘s no rocket science

    You don’t need an army of data scientists or months of implementation to produce a digital twin of your system. All it takes is an analysis of the physical properties of your belt conveyor system’s modules by our experts: drive power, belt thickness, pulley diameters, length, width and topography. This structural information is enriched with operational data such as bulk material weight, energy absorption, external temperature, belt speed and belt tension. That is all it takes for our BeltGenius Nucleus servers to be able to determine a real-time energy performance indicator (EnPI) for the system and to calculate impending breakdowns.
    If you add RFID tags to all belt segments, you can even get a more detailed view on your system.


    How a digital twin is generated for BeltGenius ERIC

    Your benefits

    • Full transparency of energy efficiency in conveying systems
    • Failure prediction capability
    • Extends service life of major components such as drives and belts
    • Significant and sustainable reduction of bulk material transportation costs
    • Benchmarking of conveyors
    • Belt type and quality benchmarking

    Align your belt conveyor with digital precision

      BeltGenius ALEX

      Belt skewing, excessive energy consumption and high spare part costs are the result when belt conveyors are not properly aligned. When excessive wear occurs, complete belt sections have to be replaced. BeltGenius ALEX detects any misalignment of the belt and helps you increase the lifetime of your mining equipment, leading to significant cost reductions.

      BeltGenius ALEX is Voith’s ALignment EXpert, detecting potentially wasteful issues in idler installations. Newly designed 3D sensors allow an extremely high accuracy level for a maximum benefit.

      The BeltGenius ALEX Sensor Modules

      Your benefits

      • Increases service life of idlers by as much as 20%
      • Potential energy efficiency gains of more than 10% from reduced friction losses
      • Intelligent analytical system to identify ways to improve
      • Verification of alignment correction included
      • Failure prediction capability avoids unexpected down-time
      • Extends service life of belt
      • Significant and sustainable reduction of bulk material transportation costs

      A straight line to digital mining efficiency

      Voith’s BeltGenius ALEX helps you manage longer conveyors without increased risks.

      BeltGenius ALEX provides actionable recommendations for specific idlers and frames. By aligning belt conveyors with digital accuracy, you reduce labor costs, energy consumption and spilled material. As mines are forced to dig deeper, BeltGenius ALEX is an outstanding way to claw back some of that lost productivity.

      BeltGenius ALEX process steps

      Voith service engineers install and operate the system on site. Our team first conducts a structural analysis of your belt conveyor system. Then, we install sensors on each side of the conveyor belt to generate data that the system uses to calculate the perfect alignment. And already we are good to go for the first sensor run.

      You will receive guidelines that list concrete instructions, which you carry out using your own staff and expertise. Of course, you can rely on Voith for support during this alignment effort. Once you have completed the alignment adjustments, the system runs one more time to detect any remaining misalignment in idlers, garlands or frames. The second run also sets a benchmark and helps measure the achieved improvements.

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