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    Availability Solutions

      With our Voith "Availability Solutions" we support you in achieving the highest machine availability. By providing you with all relevant information about your machine components and their mechanical condition, you can proactively maintain your machines, improve your production quality and reduce maintenance costs.

      Asset management

        Voith Paper provides different levels and modular approaches for asset management depending on customer demand – beginning with inventory management and lifecycle tracking of specific critical assets like screen baskets (SmartBasket), through lifecycle tracking and management of all consumables/frequently exchanged products within the paper machine (OnCare.pmPortal), and ending with the solution for all maintenance processes in an organization and all installed assets (OnCare.Asset). OnCare.Asset can be integrated with OnCare.Health to support a best practice maintenance operation.

        All of our asset management solutions are connected to our e-commerce platform, the Voith Paper Webshop, and to our documentation platform OnCare.eDoc.



          Extended control and planning of maintenance processes and materials

          OnCare.Asset for paper makers offers a software solution to coordinate, manage and control maintenance activities. Team efforts can be displayed in parallel in a work order to achieve optimal planning and scheduling. Critical information on all your paper machine assets can be easily displayed via a graphical navigation. The results of your maintenance performance can be shown adapted to your individual needs in a KPI overview. Service experts can support you face to face or remotely at all stages.

          With mobile functionalities and existing interfaces, OnCare.Asset Paper can be combined with OnCare.Health Paper to pave the way to predictive maintenance.


          Improving maintenance service and support

          • Increased transparency thanks to pre-populated asset structure (2D/3D graphical navigation)
          • Less administrative efforts due to dynamic planning and scheduling, making it possible to create a work order with a few clicks
          • Increased availability due to mass data storage – data can be stored on-premise, on customer cloud or Voith OnCumulus.Cloud
          • Deep learning and accumulated history via reports generated to measure performance and continuously improve processes
          • Increased performance due to easy-to-use interface. Both browser and mobile version are available. Mobile application significantly reduces effort for technicians and enlighten planning and scheduling follow-up – with information instantly available



            Inventory management of the future

            The OnCare.pmPortal makes inventory management of your paper machine simpler and more efficient.

            Retrieve all the data you need in one tool and keep an overall view. Manage all consumables and rolls centrally – for the simple and easy coordination of your preventative maintenance measures.

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            • Graphical depiction of your paper machine
            • Central data maintenance for all consumables and rolls
            • Comprehensive tracking of individual products
            • Easy creation of reports
            • Schedule shutdown feature



              The right documents on hand

              The right documents on hand

              The OnCare.eDoc is a documentation platform on which you can find different types of documents (e.g., operation manuals, lubrication plan, declaration of conformity, etc.). The documents are stored in a tree structure, and thanks to the advanced search functionalities, you can find all the necessary information in a few clicks. OnCare.eDoc is connected to Voith Paper Webshop to reduce parts identification efforts.


              • Less administrative efforts thanks to the one central access tool for different documents
              • Easy handling of data thanks to intelligent and advanced search functionalities
              • Higher flexibility thanks to 24/7 availability of documents that can be managed on tablet and PC
              • Reduced parts identification efforts thanks to connection with the Voith Paper Webshop

              Condition monitoring

                By continuously measuring data, we record the condition of your paper machine. Based on sensor data, which are analyzed in real time, a reliable and very fast response is guaranteed. Machine and plant downtimes can be minimized by stopping the paper machine only at desired times according to plan and restarting it smoothly. This scheduled downtime can be used for maintenance and repair work.



                  Prediction and planning of maintenance activities

                  Prediction and planning of maintenance activities

                  OnCare.Health, our efficient maintenance tool, registers the condition of the roller bearings of your paper machine via installed or mobile data acquisition units. The data gathered are monitored with a monitoring system. In case of any irregularity, the cause is automatically identified and suitable condition-based maintenance measures are initiated. This preventive maintenance therefore helps avoid breakdowns and ensures maximum availability of your paper machine.
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                  • Technology monitoring visualizes the influence of process parameters to the paper quality
                  • Modular design for easy and inexpensive expansion of the system
                  • Early detection of bearing damage
                  • Reduction of unplanned machine downtime
                  • Quick and automatic detection of process malfunctions and direct assignment of causes
                  • Comprehensive and continuous remote service support



                  OnCare.Health Wireless Solution

                  OnCare.Health is complemented with energy harvesting & radio technology based wireless solution

                  OnCare.Health Wireless Solution can be used along the complete papermaking line for all paper grades – from stock preparation to approach flow and along the paper machine on all kind of rotating equipment. In addition, Voith offers access to remote expert service for system care and professional diagnostics support, helping to increase customers overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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                    Condition monitoring

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