Fluid couplings for ship applications

Hydrodynamic couplings for marine applications

Fluid couplings for ship propulsion systems

    Extend the operational life, ensure safe ship operation and reduce downtime

    Unburden your ship’s drive motor by installing a Voith fluid coupling. Protecting the driveline from damage even under extreme operating conditions, the fluid coupling utilizes the hydrodynamic principle, which results in wear-free power transmission. Additionally, torsional vibration from the motor and shock loading from the propeller are effectively damped, and automatic load compensation is facilitated when operating with multiple engines or propellers.

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    Our product portfolio includes:

    • Constant-fill fluid couplings
    • Fill-controlled fluid couplings

    The transmittable power ranges up to 9 MW per drive.

    Workboats, ferries, ice breaker ships, aircraft carriers, and administration-owned vessels benefit from driveline protection when installing Voith fluid couplings.

    Constant-fill fluid couplings

    Voith | Constant-fill fluid couplings for marine applications
    Constant-fill fluid couplings dampen torsional vibrations, impacts, and shocks from the engine and propeller. Furthermore, the hydrodynamic principle permits a load-free engine startup, thereby increasing the service life of all drive components. Increased power transmission is possible with two coaxially-arranged working circuits (Typ DT, DTM1, and DTL). The different types: T, TM1, and TL, are suitable for the ship driveline integration requirements, such as directly installing onto the engine. 

    Key technical data
    Sizes: 650 mm - 1,330 mm (depending on the design)
    Power range: 100 - 3,650 kW

    Typical fields of use

    • Working boats
    • Ice-going cargo ships
    • Ferries and passenger ships
    • Cargo ships

    Benefits and uses

    • Reduced load motor/engine run-up
    • Smooth start-up of the driven machine
    • Protects the drive chain in case of an overload
    • Dampens torsional vibration in the drive chain
    • Protects system components - the service life of your system increases
    • Robust and unsusceptible to environmental influences
    • Wear-free power transmission - reduced effort in maintenance and repairs
    • Automatic load sharing in multi-motor drives protects your motor against overload

    Fill-controlled fluid couplings

    Voith | Fill-controlled fluid couplings for marine aplications
    Torsional vibrations, impacts, and shock loads caused by the engine and propeller are dampened when installing Voith fill-controlled couplings. Fill-controlled couplings differ from constant-filled couplings in that the filling level can be changed. When emptied, the torque transmission of the fluid coupling from the engine to the driven machine is decoupled (a hydrodynamic clutching function), facilitating a virtually load-free engine start. 

    A multi-motor drive configuration is possible either with more than one diesel engine or a gas turbine. The different operating modes of the ship (such as docking, normal or high-speed cruising, and take me home function) are supported by Voith fluid couplings types TP and TPZS.

    Key technical data::
    Size: 562mm to 1,330mm
    Power: 200kW to 10,000kW

    Typical fields of use

    • Cargo ships
    • Frigates
    • Ferries

    Benefits and uses

    • Load-free motor/engine run-up
    • Smooth start-up
    • Protects the drive chain 
    • Dampens torsional vibration
    • Hydrodynamic clutching function
    • Robust and unsusceptible to environmental influences
    • Wear-free power transmission - reduced maintenance and repairs
    • Automatic load sharing in multi-motor drives

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