Efficient and economical risk assessment with ​Health Check
Health Check

Efficient and economical risk assessment

The cornerstone of a successful operation

    Helping you make well-informed decisions with an instant overview of your machine, system or operation is highly valued. Health Check is a cost effective examination of the machine, irrespective of the manufacturer or brand, resulting in a condition and risk assessment report. Likewise, spare parts and other areas relevant to maintenance can also be assessed. Furthermore, the Health Check provides indications of the overall condition of the drivetrain.


    Health Checks tailor-made for the:

    • Power generation industry
    • Oil & gas industry
    • Mining & metals industry
    • Mechanical engineering industry

    We could draw important conclusions on the running behavior and current maintenance condition of a gear unit supported by clear data. The collaboration was excellent. We were totally pleased.
    Markus Grundmann, Manager Power Factory, Sappi (Germany)

    Benefits you can expect

    • Limited expenditure
    • Minimal time investment
    • Maintenance decision and strategy support
      - Reduced downtime
      - Reliable budgeting with minimal unanticipated costs
      - Previously unknown risk identified
    • Increase understanding and awareness of different aspects of the machine/system
      - Improved operation and maintenance work
      - Increased machine/system longevity
      - Stronger environment protection
      - Enhanced safety

    Product range and applications

      Product range

      • Turbo gear
      • Variable speed planetary gear - Vorecon
      • Variable speed hydrodynamic coupling - RK-coupling
      • Constant-fill coupling

      Fields of application

      • Gen-sets
      • Compressors
      • Pumps
      • Fans, blowers
      • Conveyor belts
      • Crushers & mills

      Health Check can be conducted as follows:

          Operation mode for Health Check Products
          Type 1:    At standstill Type 2: During operation Type 3: Combination of standstill & operation Turbo gear Vorecon RK-coupling Constant-fill coupling
        Availability check              
        General risk analysis / classification
        Assessment of machine in location / installation
        Verification of available spare part
        - Visual inspection
        - Stock (target-actual comparison)
        Verification of special tools / equipment (if available)
        Check of machine specific know-how of on-site staff
        Reliability / condition check              
        Assessment of the maintenance history and philosophy
        Assessment of the oil maintenance and oil analysis intervals
        Specific visual inspection of the machine / train condition
        Analysis and assessment of the operation condition
        Basic vibration analysis during continuous operation /steady state (incl. measurement with portable equipment)  
        Visual inspection (through inspection cover and /or endoscope - on-site situation decisive)
        Thermal image analysis  
        Noise measurement  

        Voith services all brands

          You trust a service provider based on their experience, most of all if the brands of other manufacturers are involved. Voith is proving this day in and day out.

          Voith Service for all manufacturer brands
          Voith brands Other brands  
          BHS Allen Gears Maag
          BHS Cincinnati BBC NARA Liquid
          BHS Getriebe BPEG Nelson Liquid
          Krupp Dalian Philadelphia
          Voith BHS David Brown Renk
            Ebara Seisa
            Flender-Graffenstaden Shinko
            Fluidrive SPEM
            Hitachi Tacke
            Howden Twin Disc
            John Brown Zamech
            Lufkin etc.


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