OnCare.Asset for hydropower plants

Efficient asset and workforce management

OnCare.Asset: improving efficiency for hydropower plants

    OnCare.Asset offers efficient asset and workforce management to hydropower plant operators. The service and software solution facilitates the maintenance management of hydropower plants, from planning, servicing and documentation through cost control to spare parts management. OnCare.Asset securely stores all documentation and asset data, enables reliable planning and monitoring of key performance indicators, and allows the timely initiation of maintenance activities. With OnCare.Asset, customers achieve a high level of system availability while substantially reducing maintenance and operating costs.

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    In the hydropower industry, only a few companies really run proper maintenance processes and tools. For most, there is potential to save at least 10 percent in maintenance cost when introducing an asset management software.
    Tomas Jutbo, Reliability Solutions

    Why choosing OnCare.Asset?

      In-depth industry know-how

      OnCare.Asset represents a complete maintenance concept, backed by Voith’s expertise that has grown out of decades of technical experience in the hydropower market and deep domain know-how – including the evaluation and interpretation of technical and digital data.

      Acceptance among your employees

      OnCare.Asset aims at facilitating day-to-day work for your employees and ensures high levels of acceptance among your workforce. It was developed by maintenance specialists and therefore offers an easy-to-operate user interface, clear functions and a high usability.

      High consistency

      OnCare.Asset is part of a holistic system provider approach, offering not only efficient asset and workforce management but also complementary competencies such as service, consulting and supplementary app-based solutions, which can all be networked and cross-linked on a modular basis. In this way, our digital portfolio offers a high level of consistency to customers, helping you find the best-suited solution for your needs.

      Key benefits

      • Reduction of administrative effort
      • Lower maintenance and operating costs 
      • High usability for employees
      • Networked solutions by Voith

      Webcast: How Voith is treading the path towards intelligent asset management

      Our digital hydropower experts Felix Lippold and Christoph Lang will discuss current challenges and development in the asset management of hydropower plants, to increase system availability while substantially reducing maintenance and operating costs.

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      OnCare.Asset: technical features

        The features of OnCare.Asset range from transparent work planning and scheduling, easy material management and ordering to a clear asset structure and mobile application.

        • Asset structure with graphical navigation: A clear graphical navigation facilitates day-to-day work with OnCare.Asset. Without knowing the asset number, employees can create notifications and easily find the right object. A predefined asset structure at the same time enables rapid implementation.
        • Work planning and scheduling: Visualized work planning and scheduling functions enable users to make quick decisions during plant shutdowns and to maximize the utilization of planned shutdowns.
        • Material management: With OnCare.Asset, all available parts and materials are listed in a single application, providing all information at the first glance. New parts can be automatically reordered based on preset limits. The shopping basket function facilitates planning processes, while using the direct interface to ERP systems and to the Voith Webshop.

        • Performance management: The application offers real-time monitoring of the overall organizational performance as well as cost and downtime tracking. Apart from that, it enables users to analyze system weaknesses, using up to 20 predefined KPIs based on maintenance best practices.
        • Mobile application: All relevant maintenance information are available on mobile devices - anywhere, at any time. Thus, users can give instant feedback on executed work. Moreover, the voice to text functionality reduces time and effort for technicians.
        • Flexible deployment: OnCare.Asset can be run on an on-site server for customers without internet access or with only limited internet access. Additionally, a cloud-based system is available for customers with one or more locations. OnCare.Asset works as a standalone application or a user-friendly interface to existing systems. It can be connected to other solutions via our IIoT Platform.


        OnCare.Asset Introduction
        OnCare.Asset software introduction | training videos
        Get an insight into the application of OnCare.Asset

        In six short videos the application of the software will be shown step-by-step on a concrete example. Learn more about the software features, which range from planning, servicing and documentation to cost control and spare parts management.

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        Are you interested in individual asset management solutions from Voith?

          Making the first step towards the digitalization of a hydropower plant is not easy. Often, there is more than one possible way to go. Our experts are ready to support you in finding the best-suited solution for your needs.

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          Three plans: tailor-made for our customers

            Voith offers OnCare.Asset in three different plans – basic, comfort and premium. All three service packages are based on the Voith IIoT platform dataPARC cloud and will be adjusted to your individual needs.

            • Basic: With the basic package, the data for assets, parts lists, documentation and also instructions for maintenance activities is being stored.
            • Comfort: The comfort package includes support in implementing preventive maintenance processes.
            • Premium: With the premium package, you can ensure efficient asset and workforce management over the entire life cycle of your components and assets.

            OnCare.Asset three plans
            Three plans time

            OnCare.Availability: substantially reducing unplanned downtime

              As part of the holistic system provider approach, OnCare.Availability complements our services to reduce maintenance and operating costs for hydropower plant operators. Our experienced experts help you to find weak spots in your spare parts stock, assess the set of required skills of your maintenance employees, manage bottlenecks in your logistics, review your third-party service agreements, and make your cost savings visible. Our findings are tangible, feasible and based on monetary calculations

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