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    Voith has earned a worldwide reputation as reliable pump manufacturer, evidenced by about 560  pump applications installed in 187 stations around the world with a total power consumption of about   7 200 MW. With great commitment and dedication, we seek to offer best fit solutions leading to high effectiveness and reliability of entire pumping stations.

    Our competences and capabilities


      Our pumps are characterized by compact arrangement and robust design. Due to sophisticated hydraulic shapes, our pumps reach high efficiency levels. They are easy to maintain, and standardized motors and gear units can be used as drives. By arranging pumps in different ways, we assure an optimum integration into new and existing buildings. We use different materials in order to ensure suitability for diverse water qualities. Thus, by using adequate materials and technologies, we produce highly qualitative pumps.

      Voith offers customized pumps to meet any need for:

      • Pumped storage
      • Waste water
      • Cooling water
      • Drinking water
      • Irrigation and drainage
      • Desalination
      • Flood control


      Pumps from Voith – our technology

        Axial-flow pumps

        Discharge: From about 5 m3/s (or less, if tailor-made design is requested)

        Pump total head: Up to about 15 m

        Type of construction: Propeller pumps with fixed impeller blades and fixed guide vanes. Kaplan pumps with adjustable impeller blades and fixed guide vanes

        Application: Pumps for drainage and irrigation plants, flood control, storm water, (drinking) water supply, waste water pumps, storage pumps, cooling water pumps

        Mixed-flow pumps

        Discharge: From about 5 m3/s (or less, if tailor-made design is requested)

        Pump total head: Up to about 60 m

        Type of construction: Fixed and movable impeller blades and guide vanes, single-flow, single-stage and multi-stage, guide wheel with discharge bend or spiral casing

        Application: Pumps for drainage and irrigation, (drinking) water supply, storm water pumps, waste water pumps, storage pumps, cooling water pumps, pumps for desalination plants

        Radial-flow pumps

        Discharge: Single- and multistage radial pumps for discharges from about 1 m3/s to 80 m3/s

        Pump total head: Up to the order of magnitude of 500 m per stage and of 1 200 m and more in total head in the event of several stages

        Type of construction: Fixed impeller blades, fixed and movable guide vanes, single- and double-flow, single- and multi-stage

        Application: Pumps for irrigation, (drinking) water supply, storage pumps, cooling water pumps, pumps for desalination plants

        Ternary systems

          Ternary systems consist of a motor generator and a separate turbine (typically Francis or Pelton) and a pump set. As two separate hydraulic machines, the rotational direction of the motor generator can be the same in both operational modes. This results in considerable commercial value for the power plant's operation. For the switch between turbine and pump operation, a clutch operable at standstill, a starting turbine or a synchronizing torque converter can be provided.

          Torque converter

          The torque converter provides the most time-efficient startup and shutdown of a storage pump. It transmits torque and/or power from the motor generator to the pump shaft by being filled with process water.


          The startup of the storage pump already begins during the filling process. As the pressure level of the filling water rises, the torque output by the converter increases and thus accelerates the pump. This acceleration torque, which is initially very high, continuously decreases as secondary speed rises. When reaching the synchronous speed, the converter output torque corresponds to the pump priming torque.

          Due to the soft interaction of these processes, the storage pump can be started up quickly and without load surges for the grid.

          Multi-stage pumps

          Multi-stage pumps are the technical solution for high head power plants with delivery heads up           to 1 500 m. The number of stages increases with the delivery head and is optimized for a high pump performance paired with an economic power house excavation level.

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            Hydropower plant plus energy storage

            In 1937, Voith developed the first large, single-stage pump turbine, which operated both as a turbine for energy generation and in the reverse direction as a pump. Today, nearly 200 Voith pump turbines have been installed worldwide with a combined output of more than 25 000 megawatts.


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