Spare Parts Management

Hydropower Spares: Ensure Your Machine’s Availability

Spare Parts Management

    With changing operating demands for hydro plants, having the right spare parts available is essential. 

    Hydropower units contain several different types of replaceable parts which need to be maintained over the lifetime of the machine. Voith Hydro offers full service in spare parts management. In that way operators have the right spare part available at the right time to minimize downtime and increase machine availability.

    On-hand spare parts program

      On-hand spare parts program

      1. Identification and Analysis:

      Bringing in their expertise our service engineers will make an assessment for spare parts. Voith’s HyService covers everything from personal analysis by field service experts to digital health assessments. The digital health assessment will help to make smarter decision-making for maintenance activities and solve troubleshooting.

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      2. Order processing and Delivery:

      Get in contact with our Voith Hydro service engineers to be guided through the process. Voith Hydro ensures easy ordering and spare parts supply, based on remaining service life.

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      Voith Hydro manages your spare parts inventory

        For customers that maintain an inventory of critical spares, it’s important to routinely inspect and verify that all parts are serviceable. Many spare parts have a defined shelf-life and specific storage requirements. Routine inspections should be performed to ensure that your spare parts are in good working order and ready for use.

        If you need assistance in evaluating the condition of your current spare parts inventory, your Voith HyService team can recommend the necessary inspections to verify the condition. If you are unable to perform the inspections yourself, the Voith team can assist by providing a full-service evaluation for existing inventory.

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        Managing your spare parts inventory

        Commonly requested spare parts

          The Voith service team can assist you with pricing and lead times for products you are considering.


          • Winding Coils / Bars
          • Rotor Poles
          • Brake Shoes
          • Heat Exchangers
          • Insulation
          • Bearing Pads / Shoes


          • Wicket Gate Mechanism
          • Wearing Rings
          • Facing Plates / End Seals
          • Bushings
          • Bearing Shoes
          • Shaft Seal Components
          • Shear Pins / Links

          Auxiliary Equipment
          Auxiliary Equipment

          • Pumps
          • Valves
          • Instrumentation
          • Filters
          • Sealing Components
          • Piping and Cables

          Digital Control and Protection
          Digital Control and Protection

          • PLC & DCS Controls
          • Excitation
          • Condition Monitoring
          • Computer / Network
          • Electrical Protection
          • Sensors & Actuators

          We are there for you, wherever you are!

            Our HyService experts continue to support you globally in managing your spare parts supply. We do our best to provide valuable service solutions – any time, any place.

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