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Voith is a global technology group. With energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive, the broad portfolio with its plants, products, services and digital applications serves five essential markets in all regions of the world.
Voith’s operating business is bundled in four Group Divisions: Voith Hydro, Voith Paper, Voith Turbo and Voith Digital Solutions.

A large proportion of the world’s paper production is manufactured on Voith paper machines. A quarter of the energy generated worldwide from hydropower is produced with turbines and generators from Voith Hydro. Voith’s drive components are found in applications all over the world, both in industrial plants and in road and rail vehicles, as well as on the waters. And the applications provided by the Digital Solutions Group Division make Voith one of the pacemakers for digital change in the key global industries.

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Voith offers innovations and services for a wide variety of markets and industries

Voith technologies can be found everywhere: in raw material extraction, energy generation, paper production or in public transport. The company has a worldwide network of development, production and service locations.
Worldwide, a quarter of all electricity generated by hydropower is produced with technologies and services from Voith. In power stations all over the world, components and services from Voith ensure regular energy supplies.
Oil and Gas play a key role in the world of the 21st century. Reliable supplies of these raw materials are a prerequisite for economic prosperity.
A world without paper? Unthinkable. Paper is an information carrier, an educational medium, a practical packaging material and an element of personal hygiene. Voith offers its customers technologies and services for the entire paper production process.
At first glance, they often go unnoticed, but couplings, gearboxes and many other Voith components are in non-stop operation in conveyor systems all over the world. Above and below ground, they contribute to the constant availability of raw materials such as coal, copper, nickel, iron, etc., for industrial processes.
Worldwide, more and more goods are being transported, more and more people travel or commute to their workplace. Metropolises rely on intelligent public transport systems, long-distance haulage routes connect the world. Voith supports these developments with innovative and sustainable solutions.


Voith is one of Europe's big family owned companies.
  • 19,000 employees
  • Locations in more than 60 countries
  • 4.2 billion Euros sales
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Voith is a global provider of leading-edge technology and industrial services. Voith offers its Japanese customers a broad portfolio of systems, products and services that serve the five essential markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive in Japan.

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