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Product scope of Voith Fuji Hydro K.K. includes designing, engineering, manufacturing, delivery of Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, and all other types of  hydropower turbines, generators, Automation and Control System, and required electrical and mechanical auxiliaries of plant equipment. For all of these products, Voith Fuji Hydro K.K. manages the entire value and supply chain from development, designing, procurement and manufacturing to sales and the total plant engineering and project management.Our experience and track record as a supplier covers a wide range of products from small hydro to very large pumped storage power stations both in and outside the country.
Voith Fuji Hydro K.K. has controlled the market of Taiwan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, among those in Asia Pacific region.


Voith Fuji Hydro K. K.
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Message from President

Voith Fuji Hydro is a joint venture company of Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG and Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. founded in 1997.

Our aim is to provide “world’s most advanced technology” of Voith Hydro with “spirit of service and hospitality” of Fuji Electric.

Hydropower plant in Japan has a history of over 125 years as stable and established source of power generation.  With its eco-friendly nature, the significance is expected to increase further.

Since the introduction of Feed-In-Tariff scheme (FIT, purchase of total amount of power generation from renewable energy at fixed price) in 2012, importance of hydropower, especially small hydropower, has been reaffirmed and it is expected that demand of upgrade and replacement will continue to grow.

Demand of hydropower is expected to increase in Asia-Pacific market as well with its economic growth and the worldwide attention on global warming.

We will continue to provide environment friendly energy with our high performance equipment as well as high quality after services.


Junji Kasagi


Representative Director

Actual performance

Voith Fuji Hydro K.K. has provided a number of water turbines/generators with various power ranges, including the maximum experience of Voith Fuji Hydro K.K., four units of 495 MW vertical Francis water turbines/generators for Revelstoke power plant. Our products are suitable for any type of water turbines from bulb turbines installed in low head/high discharge site to Pelton turbines installed in high head location, based on our abundant application record. In addition, we have been working vigorously on small-and-medium turbines, such as micro tubular turbine, contributing to effective use of renewable energy.
Originally built in 1929, the Toyomi hydropower plant operates with highly-efficient vertical bulb turbine, the  second case of this type as of  2013 both in Japan and overseas. Voith Fuji Hydro equipped the plant with two vertical bulb turbine generators - the largest  in the world, each having the runner diameter of 4.4 meters and the power output of 31.4 MW. Six existing water turbine generators have been replaced with these two. Having accomplished the modernization, Voith Fuji Hydro successfully raised Toyomi’s power output by 10 percent, from 56.4 MW to 61.8 MW.
Revelstoke, on the River Columbia in a Canadian state of British Columbia, is a large hydropower plant with a total power output of about 2.5 GW. With the completion of the powerhouse in 1984, Voith Fuji Hydro delivered four huge power units. Each has a rated power of 485 MW.
Daini Shingou
The Daini Shingou hydropower plant, built in 1984, is located on the right bank of existing Shingou power plant. This hydropower plant with a  power output of 40.6MW has an effective head of  22.45 m and uses  the already existing dam. A horizontal bulb turbine, which is Voith Fuji Hydro's area of specialty and the largest of our products,was delivered to Daini Shingou.

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