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NipcoFlex T

NipcoFlex T

Voith shoe press for tissue

NipcoFlex T is a shoe press developed to support customers in saving natural resources while considerably reducing their energy costs and thus improving their competitiveness and market position.



With the NipcoFlex T shoe press up to 5% higher dryness can be achieved compared to a configuration of suction roll pressed against the Yankee or earlier shoe press generations. All this is possible without compromising paper quality. In addition, a production increase or energy savings up to 20% are feasible due to higher after press dryness. The high flexibility of the press shoe allows tracing the Yankee deflections more precisely. This results in a more uniform cross directional dryness profile and sheet adhesion to the Yankee surface. Switching between bulk and dryness mode and vice versa is even possible during production, increasing the machine’s efficiency.

NipcoFlex T shoe press has a much simpler construction compared to the first shoe press generation. The two rubber bellows pressing device instead of several pistons along the machine width results in fewer controls required and thus in simpler operation.




Your benefits

  • Up to 5% higher dryness after press
  • Up to 20% higher production capacity
  • Up to 20% savings in Yankee steam and hood gas consumption
  • 30% less coating chemistry needed
  • Return on investment of less than three years (depending on local energy costs)


NipcoFlex T - Discover a world of opportunities!