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High-performance test rigs are indispensable in test engineering – whether in re­search and development or in production and quality assurance. Regardless of whether you are testing the drive itself or the complete machine, drive systems of test rigs are crucial for effective and reliable component testing.

As individual as your test rig may be, we adapt our products to your individual re­quire­ments. You will find Voith drive systems in development test rigs and in end-of-line test rigs with powers from a few 100 W to more than 30 MW.

Our mechanical or hydrodynamic drive components for test rigs are rugged by de­sign, providing a long life. Your testing is safe and quick, even with special torque and speed profiles.

Products for test engineering

  • Universal joint shafts
  • Hirth couplings
  • Highly flexible couplings
  • Diaphragm couplings
  • Variable speed drives
  • Turbo gear units

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