Our international scholarships for pupils: We fund your year abroad

Our international scholarships for pupils: We fund your year abroad

China, the USA, & more: Scholarships for your year abroad

    Would you like to live and learn abroad for a whole year? Voith supports you! Our partial scholarships allow you to spend an entire year abroad, predominantly in Brazil, China, the USA, and Canada. Our scholarships support children of Voith employees as well as pupils who live or go to school in a city with a Voith branch and who show an interest in math, IT, sciences, and technology.

    During my year abroad in the US, I made a lot of new friends, discovered softball, and felt right at home. I will remember these experiences for the rest of my life.
    Magdalena Sedlaschek, Scholar of the Hanns-Voith-Stiftung (2021/2022)
    Pupil receives Voith scholarship

    Discover the world with Voith’s scholarships

    Are you interested in foreign countries and cultures? Would you like to meet new people and make new experiences? Do you want to live with a host family, go to school abroad, and improve your language skills? Voith opens doors: As a global company, we want to support you in gaining important and exciting intercultural experiences as early as possible. In collaboration with the AFS Intercultural Programs, we offer various scholarships.

    FAQs about the Voith scholarships: Everything you need to know

      Who can apply for a partial scholarship?

      Our scholarship program is for children of Voith employees and young people who live or go to school in a city with a Voith branch. At the time of your departure, you must be between 15 and 18 years old and have a proven interest in MINT subjects (math, IT, natural sciences, technology).

      Where can I find more information about the program?

      You can find all relevant information, such as countries, prices, and services included, here: AFS program.

      What’s the application process for the scholarship?

      The main application period (for departure in the summer of the following year) lasts until October 31st of each year. However, you can still apply to the remaining places after that date. 
      Here’s how to proceed:

      1. The AFS has an overview of all available programs and is happy to help you choose the right format for you. When you apply, please apply directly to the AFS. You’ll find the right link on the respective program page.
      2. The AFS will review your application. If you meet the required criteria, you will receive an invitation to the first mandatory seminar, the AFS Seminar 1. To enter the pool of potential Voith scholars, taking part in the seminar is required.
      3. After the seminar, you’ll receive the detailed application and scholarship documents.
      4. The AFS assesses, chooses, and names the Voith scholars in collaboration with us. You’ll receive an acceptance or rejection by the end of March.

      Who’s in charge of organizing the stay abroad and finding a host family?

      The AFS is responsible for organizing your stay abroad with you. This includes:

      • the preparation and support of our scholars
      • choosing the scholars and their host families
      • organizing preparatory seminars in Germany
      • events in the host country at the beginning and end of your stay, providing you with information about the country and giving you the opportunity to meet other AFS youth from all over the world

      The AFS supports and advises you throughout the entire experience in Germany as well as the host country.

      What kind of organization is the AFS Intercultural Programs?

      The AFS Intercultural Programs is a charitable organization and one of the world’s biggest youth exchange organizations with over 120,000 employees. Each year, the AFS facilitates school exchanges for more than 10,000 pupils worldwide. The AFS’s commitment to peace and international understanding has been awarded by UNESCO among others.

      Where can I find more information about the Voith scholarships?

      If you have any more questions about the scholarships, the application, or your year abroad, please get in touch with our colleagues at the AFS Intercultural Programs:

      Maria Bungarten
      Phone: 040-399-222-71
      Fax: 040-399-222-99

      Or find more information on the website of the AFS.

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