Voith highly flexible couplings on test rig applications ensure high flexibility and minimum downtimes
Test engineering

Safe and reliable testing

Rugged and durable by de­sign, we supply drive systems for high-performance and reliable component testing.

Your high-performance test rig operates efficiently and safely because we adapt our products to your individual re­quire­ments. You will find Voith drive systems in development test rigs and in end-of-line test rigs with powers from a few 100 Watt to more than 30 Megawatt.

So whether in re­search and development, production and quality assurance or if you are testing the drive itself or the complete machine, the drive system is crucial for effective and reliable component testing.

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Our solutions for your applications

    Providing you high-performance and reliable component testing components, systems and services for test benches:

    Voith | Highly flexible couplings
    Highly flexible couplings

    Testing is safe and quick, even with special torque and speed profiles. Furthermore, our R&D specialists customize the highly flexible coupling to your specifications. 

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    Voith | Diaphragm couplings
    Diaphragm couplings

    Capable of transmitting high torque at high speed, Voith diaphragm couplings are lightweight compared to alternative solutions on the market and compensate for axial, radial, and angular misalignment of two coupled shafts.

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    Voith| SafeSet Torque limiting couplings
    Torque limiting couplings

    Protecting the test bench against potential damage caused by torque overloads during testing is recommended. Installing torque limiting couplings ensures continuous operation of your test bench.

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    Voith | Torque monitoring
    Torque monitoring

    Preparing you for all operational test rig situations, OnCare.Health ACIDA offers you a complete functional overview. Using multi-channel data acquisition, high sample rates, and combining machine diagnostics and process analyses, we provide you with: torque, force, vibration, temperature, and structural tension measurement monitoring data.

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    Voith | Hirth serrations
    Hirth serrations

    Whether you require a standard Voith Hirth serration ring set, a customer-specific ring set, a unique serration service, or a tailor-made serration on a part, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products. Our high-quality serrations ensure maximum torque capacity as required in test bench applications.

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    Voith | Turbo gear units
    Turbo gear units

    Discover the flexibility in terms of varying speed and torque combined with reliability. All this with your needs and requirements in mind, our customized gear units are tried and tested in countless test rigs worldwide.

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    Voith | Torque converters
    Variable speed drives

    Offering unique high power density with the smallest footprint for a power range of up to 100 Megawatt, our torque converters provide full torque instantly to test bench applications with the added advantages of accurate speed and torque control.

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    Voith | Universal joint shafts
    Universal joint shafts

    Reliably transmitting high loads and adjusting misalignments, these universal joint shafts can easily be customized to unique customer requirements. The telescopic length compensation enables easy assembly; with this, one shaft can be used for multiple test bench arrangements to overcome even different length requirements.

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    ELIN Motoren | A Voith company
    ELIN Motoren

    ELIN Motoren provides customized, low-maintenance, and highly reliable drive solutions meeting the requirements of modern test bench applications.

    Hydraulic systems and components

    Voith offers innovative hydraulic systems and components as well as self-contained servo drives for a wide variety of applications. Among others, hydraulic solutions from Voith are used in mechanical engineering, the automotive sector and in the energy sector.

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