Refining and deflaking

Improved stock quality through effective fiber treatment

    Fiber treatment includes the most important actuating elements in terms of disintegration and surface treatment of each single fiber. Deflaking breaks up fiber bundles to prevent sheet brakes, thereby directly improving the paper machine runability. Refining increases the specific fiber surface of each single fiber resulting in higher strength potential due to fiber-fiber bonding and higher chemical absorption capacity.

    Voith is the market leader for compact disk applications in the field of fiber treatment. Disk applications provide very good accessibility, enabling a fast and secure filling change with low downtimes.

    New product: InfibraFiner

      Next generation refining
      Discover our new InfibraFiner in an award-winning design

      Voith’s InfibraFiner guarantees especially sustainable refining, by saving energy and raising throughput, while at the same time offering improved mechanical properties. In the DG (Digital Generation) version, cutting-edge sensors and the built-in SmartLight allow optimized refiner management and control.

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        InfibraFiner Energy-efficient refiner with increased capacity Refining

        Double-disk refiner for effective fiber handling



        Energy-efficient disintegration of fiber bundles


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          Next generation refining with the InfibraFiner DG from Voith

          Next generation refining

          Voith’s latest refiner, the InfibraFiner, combines cutting-edge technology, ultra-modern industrial design, and digitalization. The development is based on more than 60 years of R&D and more than 1,000 successful installations of its predecessor, the TwinFlo Refiner.

          The fiber treatment is especially sustainable, as the InfibraFiner demonstrably consumes less energy, offers higher hydraulic capacity, and extends the service life of the refiner fillings. The combination with the Voith Pluralis refiner fillings allows particularly gentle refining with reduced energy consumption. Compared with conventional refiners, the InfibraFiner achieves an additional production capacity of up to 28 percent. It also has an innovative design, with the gearbox integrated into the machine, for example.
          Up to 15 latest-generation I/O-Link sensors, combined with direct refiner control, allow for an immediate response through the local control panel and remote access.

          Refining 4.0 with InfibraFiner DG

          The optional “Digital Generation (DG) Package” offers even more bottom-line benefits. With the help of the SmartLight built into the cover of the refiner, operating personnel have information at all times and at a glance on the machine status, performance and current maintenance status, meaning that process deviations never go unnoticed again. Up to 15 latest-generation I/O-Link sensors generation are used for machine and process monitoring and optimize refiner control.

          Especially valuable for operators are the unique contact detection, which identifies and pro-actively counteracts filling collisions, and the no-load power control, which allows enormous energy savings to be made. In addition, the wear condition of the fillings is constantly measured, so that the next filling change can be scheduled for the ideal time. All relevant information is displayed directly on the control panel next to the machine and in the control room, so that operating personnel can intervene at any time.


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          The InfibraFiner from Voith won the Focus Open International Design Award Baden-Württemberg in silver

          Outstanding design for optimum maintenance, safety and efficiency

          The new design combines a modern look with numerous technological benefits that enable a much more consistent and energy-efficient refining process. For its outstanding industrial design, the InfibraFiner was awarded the Focus Open International Design Award Baden-Württemberg in silver by design experts. The user-friendly and safe maintenance of heavy parts also improves occupational safety and reduces the maintenance effort.

          InfibraFiner is a BlueLine product

          The BlueLine product range from Voith comprises modern machines and products for stock preparation that are characterized above all through the efficient use of energy and other raw materials and by gentle treatment of the fibers.


          BlueLine Advantages

          Higher Runability Higher Runability

          Thanks to cutting-edge sensors and the built-in SmartLight, optimized refiner management and control is possible. This results in fewer unscheduled downtimes and greater machine availability.

          Lower Maintenance Cost Lower Maintenance Cost

          Thanks to the integrated gearbox, the bearing assembly and associated oil change are obsolete. Maximum filling service lives ensure longer maintenance cycles and monitoring by Maintenance Messenger ensures needs-based maintenance.

          Lower Energy Consumption Lower Energy Consumption

          Thanks to the no-load control, up to 25% idle power can be saved during the service life of the filling.

          Enhanced Safety Enhanced Safety

          A new rotor changing device (patent pending) ensures maximum occupational safety. Using this tool, the rotor can be secured, removed and put back into the machine without having to touch the rotor itself.


          Handling fiber in a uniform and highly efficient fashion

          The TwinFlo double-disk refiner can effectively handle various fibers since it can be individually set by a multitude of available fillings. Targeted technological refining of primary and secondary fibers is the main task of the TwinFlo. It is characterized by electro-mechanical setting of the refining gap with central force transmission, the greatest possible flexibility with groove and knife geometry, and uniform filling wear due to hydraulic limiting factors in the disk refiner. Changing fillings is quick and easy.

          The TwinFlo refiner is used in both fresh fiber lines as well as in secondary fiber lines. Due to the extensive assortment of fillings, suitable refining plates are available for nearly every application.

          Your benefits with TwinFlo

          • Optimal fiber treatment due to low-intensity refining
          • Proven reliable technology
          • Quick filling replacement due to easily accessibility


          Energy-efficient disintegration of fiber bundles

          The deflaker family brings about optimal separation of fiber bundles in virgin pulp and recovered paper pulp preparation through acceleration and delay processes. Process efficiency can thus be improved.

          The proven filling design of the Voith deflakers allows the disintegration of wet-strength paper components and prepares machine broke. Thanks to its hinged cover, it is easily accessible and has no refining effect.

          Four variants are available with nominal volume flows between 1,000 and 8,000 l/min and a reliable motor output of 90 to 800 kW. Thanks to the improved quality of the fiber suspension, the paper machine has fewer web breaks and therefore higher machine runability.

          Your benefits with Voith deflakers

          • Low specific energy requirement
          • Intensive acceleration and deceleration of the stock for optimum deflaking
          • Less breaks on the paper machine
          • Quick filling replacement
          • No refining effect
          • Improves the efficiency of your processes

          Engineered for success

            Listen to the testimonial of our pilot customer Klabin about the InfibraFiner DG

            At Zellcheming 2023, the audience got an exclusive insight into the experience of our pilot customer Klabin with the new InfibraFiner DG. Get free access to the video recording here.

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            Ênio Antônio Dos Reis from Klabin next to his InfibraFiner DG from Voith
            We are excited about the new InfibraFiner DG from Voith as it marks an important milestone in refiner technology for safety and efficiency. Already, it allows us to increase the paper machine speed and thereby our production by an average of 4.5 t/day. Besides this, we achieved an increase of the Burst Test result due to better pulp refining quality and process stability.

            The IF90 DG is a great fit for us, and we are proud to have started up one of the very first machines at the Otacílio Costa mill. It has a robust design and is state of the art in terms of remote connection and onboard sensors and control systems.
            Ênio Antônio Dos Reis, Process and Engineering Consultant at Klabin
            Refiners installed since 2000
            Deflakers installed since 2000
            From the early days, Voith has been a pioneer in low consistency refining. Combining theoretical knowledge of the refining process to develop tailor-made fillings with excellent engineering is definitely key to Voith’s strength. The TwinFlo line is characterized by high machine efficiency, ease of maintenance due to a low number of moving parts, and fast filling exchange.
            Dr. Frank P. Meltzer, Director Technical Sales & Marketing, Mercer


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                      New award-winning refiner InfibraFiner offers maximum throughput and energy efficiency thanks to innovative design and state-of-the-art sensor technology

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