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Specialty Paper Machines

Special production technologies for special papers

Specialty Paper Machines

The range of use of specialty papers

    It takes a very special kind of expertise to manufacture specialty papers for items like bank notes or thermal receipts. This is why for each specialty paper our production technologies are tailored to the specific application.

    Paper machines not only produce volume grades such as newsprint, they also provide paper for tea bags and gasoline filters, bottle labels, wallpaper and décor coverings for furniture as well as backing paper for vinyl wallpapers.

    Fascinating and versatile

    A quick look in your wallet will suffice to give you an idea of the versatility of specialty papers: The fuel receipt is printed on thermal paper, the banknotes consist of special banknote and security paper, and without the photographic-based paper your family photo would look only half as good. Cigarette papers, decor papers and labels are also categorized as specialty papers. Although specialty papers only account for five percent of worldwide paper consumption, they achieve much greater added value compared with mass-produced papers.

    Expert know-how for specialty paper production

    The challenges involved in the manufacture of specialty papers are diverse. Because they are generally only produced in small production lots of up to a ton, the requirements for the paper machines are stringent. Voith is heavily involved in the production of specialty papers and for decades has been developing new technologies and products to enable its more efficient and higher quality manufacture. We supply products and technologies for all grades of specialty papers. The high quality level and consistency of quality of coated and uncoated specialty papers is always a key consideration. This is why our production technologies for each specialty paper are tailored to every specific case.

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        Nextlevel online is the news portal for the paper industry by Voith Paper. We provide up-to-date information about paper manufacturing and paper technology.

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          All references at a glance
          PM References web application

          Find a list of all global Voith paper machine references clustered by paper grade (board and packaging papers, tissue, specialty papers, graphic papers) as well as technical data, photos and videos where available, technical articles and customer statements on individual paper machines. The application also provides filtering options such as country, start-up year, design speed, basis weight, annual production etc.

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          New DynaLayer from Voith for better coating quality and greater cost efficiency

          With its ease of handling and outstanding coating quality, the DF Coat has evolved into an efficient alternative to conventional coating units. Through several refinements, Voith is extending the range of uses for non-contacting coating application and increasing the economic efficiency of paper producers with the new DynaLayer.

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          Decor paper specialist Ahlstrom-Munksjö modernizes its quality control system with ComCore

          The paper manufacturer Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a premium manufacturer of decor paper. Munksjö merged with the Finnish specialty paper manufacturer Ahlstrom on April 1, 2017. The paper mill now works under the name of Ahlstrom-Munksjö Paper GmbH and operates a total of two paper machines (PM 1 and PM 3) at its site in Unterkochen, Germany. These produce several tons of decor paper per hour. In total, the Unterkochen site produces around 75,000 tons of premium decor paper per year.

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          Services and products for papermaking

            As a system vendor we aim to support our customers throughout the entire value creation process, so we are expanding our service locations worldwide, adapting our range of services to customer needs and also adopting new approaches to service with Papermaking 4.0.

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              Depending on the purpose for which a paper is used, its surface must have certain properties – especially smoothness and gloss. These properties are imparted to the paper by calenders. Calenders are machines with up to 15 rolls arranged one above the other, which are run together under pressure and then form closed nips.

              Specialty papers | Paper machine | Calender
              EcoCal Hard

              The EcoCal Hard calender is for online calibration of the paper web and gives the paper a constantly precise thickness due to its hard nip between rolls. The smoothness can also be increased.

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              Specialty papers | Paper machine | Calender
              EcoCal Soft

              EcoCal Soft calenders give the paper web a uniform consistency with slightly varying density by means of an elastic nip. Visual characteristics such as gloss and smoothness are positively influenced.

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              Specialty papers | Paper machine | Calender
              Inclined wire trials

              At the HydroFormer test facility in Düren (Germany), new products can be tested and their production on an inclined wire verified, minimizing the investment risk.

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              Specialty papers | Paper machine | Calender

              The Janus MK 2 is a calender that for the first time combines the advantages of the classic supercalender with the efficiency of the familiar online soft calender.

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              • Optimization


              Specialty papers | Paper machine | Calender | Optimization
              Flying Splice LS (Low speed)

              Flying Splice LS allows a fully automatic reel change on offline calenders. The time required for the reel change is thus reduced, and the calender capacity can be increased by up to 20%.

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              Specialty papers | Paper machine | Calender | Optimization

              VibroSoft is a hydrodynamic vibration damper that reduces vibrations for profile rolls and floating rolls, resulting in extended service life of felts, roll covers and doctors.

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              • Tail threading

              Tail threading

              Specialty papers | Paper machine | Calender | Tail threading
              PrevoCut DC

              The PrevoCut DC (Disk Cutter) is a tail cutter installed in the open draw of two-tier dryer sections. It ensures a flawlessly cut tail.

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              Specialty papers | Paper machine | Calender | Tail threading
              PrevoCut STC/DTC

              The PrevoCut STC and DTC high-pressure water jet tail cutters cut a flawless threading tail with the aid of a water jet between 600 and 1,300 bar.

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              Specialty papers | Paper machine | Calender | Tail threading

              PrevoSystems are fully automated threading systems that ensure the highest level of safety for the operating personnel and short threading times.

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