Process automation for the paper industry

Automate your paper machine with OnControl

    OnControl provides perfect automation for the pulp and paper industry. With OnControl, we offer intelligent automation solutions for controlling and visualizing the entire papermaking process in one system. These solutions help you optimize your processes and increase your efficiency.

    OnControl functions at a glance

      Pilot coater

      • Visualization of all relevant data from the paper production process with one system.
      • Access to all automation components from distributed workstations.
      • Guidance for operating and maintenance personnel during machine maintenance and fault diagnosis.
      • Remote support and access to data via web clients.

      Operation and visualization

      • Touch panels
      • Control boxes
      • Operator stations

      Machine-oriented control and process control engineering

      • Hardware
      • Software
      • Control and Network infrastructure


      • Digital actuators via field bus or IO link
      • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
      • Motors and valves


      • Digital sensors via field bus or IO link
      • Binary sensors
      • Analogue sensors

      Tailored solutions for the Paper Industry with OnControl

        With OnControl, you benefit from the unique combination of reliable standard hardware as well as automation solutions we developed specifically for the pulp and paper industry. Our user interface and program modules simplify engineering and guarantee optimum processes. To ensure worldwide support, spare parts availability, and system reliability, we utilize the Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system.

        We offer OnControl.Process for stock preparation, approach flow, and auxiliary systems (DCS). OnControl.Machine is our solution for automation paper machines, winders, and transport systems (MCS).


        • Group starts
        • Faceplates for controllers, motors, valves
        • Process overview and detail screens


        • Interlock diagnostics
        • Control Sequence
        • Integrated safety functions


        • Achievement of sustainability targets
        • Stabilization of dry content by means of automatic control of the vacuum in the former
        • Optimized ply adhesion (for multi-ply machines)
        • Lower energy costs
        • Less forming fabric wear due to reduced vacuum
        • Based on successful sensor OnQ FormingSens

        OnQ FormingSens

        OnControl advantages

        • One synchronized alarm handling
        • Fast identification of malfunctions
        • Quick overview of interlocks
        • Direct access to electronic documentation
        • Structured, standardized programming
        • Savings in spare parts due to one system hardware
        • Modular and easy to configure system

        Pilot coater

        OnControl use case


          OnControl is our solution for the following use cases:

          • New Line: Integrated automation of new paper industry plants.

          • Service: Whether it’s troubleshooting or optimization – our experts are always available to you via our remote service.

          • Rebuilds: Complex conversions that include interfaces to differing systems.

          • Digital: Data is the gold of the future and the key to digital solutions. OnControl captures data and makes it available.

          More about OnControl

            User-friendly operation and visualization

            Despite automation, OnControl focuses on the papermaker who manages and coordinates technical processes. OnControl interfaces provide user-friendly visualization of the most important information, tailored specifically to the paper industry. Thus, OnControl supports the papermaker in starting different machine sections and maintaining their operating stability.

            Full integration

            In addition to machine- and process control, OnControl also integrates our Quality Control System and with OnC.DriveCommand our solution for the coordinated drive controller into one system. The advantage for the user: Where previously two visualization systems with two alarm systems had to be observed and two alarm systems correlated. Now, OnControl carries out all of these functions. This simplifies visualization, troubleshooting, and maintenance for operators and maintenance personnel – right down to the drives.


            All safety function are integrated in OnControl according to current standards – without additional hardware. A detailed risk assessment carried out for each project is the basis for the definition of measures to meet highest HSE-standards.

            Everything at a glance

            Integrative, object-oriented CAE systems are used for basic and detailed engineering – e.g. hydraulics, pneumatics, and circuit diagrams. At Voith, programming is the exclusive responsibility of engineers who know every last detail of all stock preparation processes. If errors arise, maintenance personnel can remedy them quickly because they have direct access to all documentation via OnControl operating stations.

            Reduced downtime

            To minimize troubleshooting and the corresponding downtime, all relevant information is available at the OnControl operating stations. With first-value identification, OnControl displays the original cause of any error message. This guides the operator through the process control system to the origin of the problem, which can often be solved directly. Such analysis is possible even for operators who have no knowledge of the control system technology.

            Fewer interfaces

            Experience shows that the greatest loss of time in commissioning of new paper machines is due to excess interfaces between different suppliers of operation, drive, control, and measurement technology. We are a full-line-supplier, who offers all technologies. Thus, there is only one contact person for all components in the scope of supply: the Voith project manager. When this service is used, we bear sole responsibility for all performance features of the overall package. This ensures the success of the entire project.

            Other products and services



              Field devices such as sensors and valves are crucial for optimal functioning of a production plant. OnControl.FieldInstruments is a completely integrated and standardized field device package 
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              Papermaking Vision

              Papermaking Vision

              This visionary design study defines paper production of the future: easier maintenance and operation, fewer interfaces, increased efficiency, safety, and sustainability.
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