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    It may be just a nozzle or a valve that stops working, but before you know it, the entire production line comes grinding to a halt. To ensure that the right spare parts are on hand when they are needed, proper stocking is just as critical as an efficient ordering and delivery process.

    Analyze – Identify – Place the Order – Receive the Parts

    With our “one stop shop” approach, we have made our spare parts business even simpler and faster, also via the Voith Paper Webshop. Watch the video now:

    Spare parts process analyze

    Due to our system expertise and large portfolio, we offer our customers a combination of spare parts as well as maintenance and services. This allows papermakers to conveniently source everything from a single supplier and ensures that the right part is available at the right time. When it comes to the rapid availability of spare parts, there is no doubt that one of the most critical moments is the unplanned failure of one of them. Ideally, the customer already has the urgently needed spare parts on hand. If not, our webshop can help – it provides real-time information on the immediate availability of spare parts and allows customers to order a wide range of parts online in the shortest possible time.

    spare parts process identify

    Every production line is configured differently according to the customer’s specific needs. This means that several thousand spare parts have to be assigned and identified for each machine. But which pump is the right one? Which parts are needed in order to fix a leak in the piping system, or which disc filters? Customers can, for example, immediately find all the relevant information by navigating through the webshop – both online and directly at the machine. In addition, the regional customer service centers can help.

    spare parts process place the order
    Place the Order

    Customers can view all the spare parts installed in their machine as well as their order history in the Voith Paper Webshop. If customers already have an account, not only can their purchasing departments see the part numbers, but also prices and delivery times. Catalog and EDI interfaces make the ordering process even more efficient and convenient. And in this case as well, our experts at the customer service centers are available to help customers who don’t yet use this service.

    spare parts process receive the parts
    Receive the Parts

    When customers place an order from the webshop, they automatically receive an order confirmation and a shipping notice. Customers can track where the ordered parts are in real time and when delivery will take place. For effective spare parts management, we combine in-depth system knowledge, digital e-commerce solutions, and efficient delivery processes into one comprehensive solution. This has a positive effect on papermakers’ bottom line in two different ways – it helps them optimize their own stock management and significantly increase the efficiency of their paper mill. 

    We have the right part for your system

      With our detailed knowledge of the papermaking process, we support our customers in achieving one of their primary goals: maximizing machine availability, for example by preventing unplanned shutdowns. It accomplishes this primarily by ensuring that spare parts are readily available. Customers can choose the right products from a range of over 130,000 different parts while simultaneously benefiting from an efficient and digital procurement process. 

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      over 130.000 parts are globally available

      Why Voith?

        Maximize your machine availability –
        Benefit from our over 150 years experience of building machines for the paper industry.

        Our customers are confronted daily with the complex challenges of professional maintenance. This raises questions that go far beyond the simple procurement of necessary spare and wear parts.
        With the help of digitally available spare part lists, we enable quick and easy identification of parts in the Webshop. Should it not be possible to identify the parts without any doubt, your personal expert will help you quickly.

        Voith spare parts benefits

        • High quality & best functionality
        • One-stop-shop
        • Broad portfolio
        • Minimized downtimes

        Voith Paper Webshop – order your parts online

          Convenient ordering

          In the Voith Paper Webshop, the ordering of spare parts is simplified. Customers can opt to search for the spare parts they need using a clearly arranged tree structure or the order number, which may also be a customer-defined internal part number.

          Voith Paper Webshop dashboard

          • Personalized area
          • Real time data availability
          • Optimized business processes
          • Order tracking
          • 24/7 convenience

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          Personal contact

            Customer satisfaction and service quality are particularly important to us. Our trained specialists ensure the reliability and efficiency of your machine. Please be welcome to contact your local customer advisor at any time or call us directly: +49 7321 37 3000

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