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Specialty Paper Machines

Special production technologies for special papers

Specialty Paper Machines

The range of use of specialty papers

    It takes a very special kind of expertise to manufacture specialty papers for items like bank notes or thermal receipts. This is why for each specialty paper our production technologies are tailored to the specific application.

    Paper machines not only produce volume grades such as newsprint, they also provide paper for tea bags and gasoline filters, bottle labels, wallpaper and décor coverings for furniture as well as backing paper for vinyl wallpapers.

    Fascinating and versatile

    A quick look in your wallet will suffice to give you an idea of the versatility of specialty papers: The fuel receipt is printed on thermal paper, the banknotes consist of special banknote and security paper, and without the photographic-based paper your family photo would look only half as good. Cigarette papers, decor papers and labels are also categorized as specialty papers. Although specialty papers only account for five percent of worldwide paper consumption, they achieve much greater added value compared with mass-produced papers.

    Expert know-how for specialty paper production

    The challenges involved in the manufacture of specialty papers are diverse. Because they are generally only produced in small production lots of up to a ton, the requirements for the paper machines are stringent. Voith is heavily involved in the production of specialty papers and for decades has been developing new technologies and products to enable its more efficient and higher quality manufacture. We supply products and technologies for all grades of specialty papers. The high quality level and consistency of quality of coated and uncoated specialty papers is always a key consideration. This is why our production technologies for each specialty paper are tailored to every specific case.

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          As a system vendor we aim to support our customers throughout the entire value creation process, so we are expanding our service locations worldwide, adapting our range of services to customer needs and also adopting new approaches to service with Papermaking 4.0.

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            Winders are used to transform the parent reels coming from a paper or board machine by longitudinal slitting of the web into narrower rolls adapted in diameter for downstream processing. Depending on the type of rewind station, a differentiation is made between two-drum winders and single-drum winders.

            • Automation


            Specialty papers | Paper machine | Winder | Automation
            VariTronic PC

            The VariTronic PC is a modern process control for Voith winders. Voith provides installation in existing winders as a replacement for the JagMatic control.

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            Specialty papers | Paper machine | Winder | Automation
            VariTronic Plus Tec

            VariTronic Plus Tec is a technology upgrade for modernizing outdated Z80 processors in winders. The new control is easy to operate, and the supply of replacement parts is guaranteed.

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            Specialty papers | Paper machine | Winder | Automation
            VariTronic Tec

            VariTronic Tec is a modular concept for modernizing outdated controls in winders. It offers easy operation and more functionality.

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            • Optimization


            Specialty papers | Paper machine | Winder | Optimization
            Gecko OneStep

            Gecko OneStep is based on the Gecko hot-melt system and is a compact unit that is suitable for retrofitting an automatic roll changing system. With its combined perforation and gluing process, roll change times are noticeably reduced and productivity is increased.

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            Specialty papers | Paper machine | Winder | Optimization
            Reel drum design

            The reel drum design is an important element for error-free winding, along with the web draw, line load path and center torque. Having the optimal winding structure facilitates further processing.

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            Specialty papers | Paper machine | Winder | Optimization

            RollerBar is an innovation for your winder featuring spreader bar technology that enables finer cuts along the entire paper web.

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