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OnQ ModulePro

OnQ ModulePro

High paper quality due to uniform remoistening

With its innovative nozzle and valve technology, the OnQ ModulePro nozzle moisturizer delivers an optimal moisture cross profile over the entire paper web, ensuring smooth processing to the reel.

OnQ ModulePro with OnQ Profilmatic MP moisture cross profile control delivers optimal moisture results, even for simultaneous treatment of moisture cross profile, total moisture and curling. An optimal spray angle and ultra-fine drops of water produced by a finely atomizing dual-substance nozzle provide for uniform water absorption over the entire web. Higher quality paper at the reel or before the calender or coating unit improves winding at the reel, reduces breaks, allows a lower dry content at the reel or higher web speeds.

Depending on the installation location, ModulePro is used for moisture cross profiling, curl reduction or remoistening.