Graphic papers

Graphic papers

All information has its value – and its paper

Newsprint, magazine paper and copy paper all have an important role in the range of paper grades produced and in the worldwide need for paper. For centuries, the great merit of graphic paper as a carrier of information has been as a storage medium for knowledge. All information is valuable, no doubt, but the paper on which it is printed can sometimes vary greatly.

As a rule, mass products such as newsprint are produced with a large portion of recovered paper, often due to their short-lived topicality and for reasons of cost. By contrast, magazine paper has high requirements regarding appearance, both visual and sometimes even tactile. For this reason, the portion of fresh fibers in the paper suspension usually predominates. But more and more frequently, such high-quality paper is being produced with a large portion of recovered paper. Voith’s deinking technology plays a big role here: The raw material for new paper can be provided from recovered paper in the thousands of tons.

Graphic paper is produced worldwide on Voith paper machines. Especially in the area of newsprint and magazine paper, Voith is the leader with its fast-running machines. All in all, we are continually working on improved process technologies for production of all graphic paper.

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