Innovation Center Tissue

Innovation Center Tissue

The tissue paper of the future is being developed in São Paulo

The tissue industry's major concern when acquiring new equipment is to guarantee compatibility with the raw material used while producing high-quality tissue at the lowest production cost possible. The Voith Innovation Center at São Paulo, Brazil, meets these concerns by offering a broad range of customer-specific trials and research facilities to test new technologies in advance.

Recently, the Innovation Center was renovated to improve research activities and enhance customer comfort. The pilot machine was entirely rebuilt in order to accommodate Voith's latest tissue machine technologies as well as to increase the machine speed. It is today the most technologically-advanced tissue R&D center in the world.

Pilot Machine

The renewed innovation center consists of a complete pilot machine, a stock preparation unit, a water treatment plant and two analysis laboratories, one wet and one dry. Trials, tests and developments allow our customers to enjoy a production process that runs as smoothly as possible when installing new machines and testing components.

Pilot Machine - Main data

  • ATMOS or conventional technology
  • Headbox with one, two, or three layers
  • Crescent Former or Duo Former (Twin Wire)
  • Speeds of up to 2,500 m/min in conventional mode and up to 1,800 m/min with ATMOS technology
  • Wire width of 1,000 mm
  • Batch or continuous operation
  • Final product winding

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ATMOS technology

Significant energy and fiber savings

The combination of saving energy and fibers, running the machine with up to 100% recycled fiber, as well as easily switching between conventional quality and ultra-premium make ATMOS an environmentally friendly technology. It is thus the most feasible and sustainable alternative for tissue producers to operate at an optimum quality-cost ratio while meeting regional market demands.

NipcoFlex T

New generation of Voith shoe presses for tissue

The new NipcoFlex T was developed to support customers in saving natural resources while considerably reducing their energy costs. Moreover, this new shoe press excels in reducing production costs and thus improving the paper maker's market position.

MasterJet Pro T

The smart headbox for best tissue formation

MasterJet Pro T for tissue production impresses with the smart design of its components. The conical header can be fixed either directly inside the headbox body on the first layer configuration or the former's frame. This guarantees best hydraulic performance and a constant cross directional pressure.

Tissue Paper

Tissue is sanitary paper that is produced from pulp or recovered paper. On average, a person living in an industrialized country uses several kilograms of tissue paper every year. Its consumption  is increasing worldwide due to improved standards of living and hygiene. more


Voith paper machines produce almost every paper grade on all continents of the earth. A selection of the tissue paper machines delivered since the year 2000 shows the depth of our reach.


Every child knows: recycling waste paper protects the environment. More recycled paper means lower consumption of valuable raw materials such as virgin wood fiber. Therefore, the research work in São Paulo primarily focusses on saving resources by reducing the amount of water, energy and virgin fibers used in the production process. more