Stable operation through deaeration

For good product quality and stable operation in the wet end process, air content in the stock and whitewater flows to the headbox must be low, or even zero, for high speed paper machines. Air ingress in the approach flow system can be minimized, but it cannot be completely prevented, particularly in the presence of surface-active substances (ampholytics).

In the wet end process, particular attention is therefore paid to adequate deaeration capacity in the whitewater guttering. Particularly in the case of high-speed paper machines, air content in the main flow and the ModuleJet stream must be reduced below 0.1%.

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The CycloMech DCM (DeaerationCycloMech) provides effective white water de-aeration on the smallest surface. Due to its easy integration into an existing approach flow system, it is also an attractive retrofitting solution.
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