Typical application for Voith variable speed couplings

Variable speed fluid coupling

Compact and reliable

Variable speed fluid couplings

    Voith | Variable speed fluid couplings

    Controlling drive line speed and ensuring consistency, Voith variable speed couplings are proven in the field and are particularly well suited for pump, fan, and compressor applications. Simple in design with a robust structure, these couplings operate reliably in virtually all environments.

    For precise and step-less speed control of motor-driven machines within a power range from 100 kW to 35,000 kW and with input speeds up to 3,600 rpm, Voith’s variable speed fluid couplings provide you with one of the best-documented solutions on the market with over 15,000 installations worldwide.

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    All benefits at a glance

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      Increased reliability
      Increased reliability of the entire drive train
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      Shock and vibration dampening
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      Robust design
      Robust design suitable for outdoor and extreme conditions
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      Speed control and oil lubrication system
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      Energy saving
      Powerful efficiency
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      Long lifetime of up to 30 years

      Digitally enabling proven and trusted technology OnCare.Health IOLIS for variable speed fluid couplings

        OnCare.Health IOLIS is a new digital measurement system for Voith variable speed fluid couplings. It transmits process data from the coupling digitally to the control room via bus protocols.

        Voith | Variable speed couplings


        • Smart and simple sensor system
        • Minimal wiring
        • Easy maintenance and handling
        • Quick and precise data transfer
        • Fast replacement

        Easily integrated into existing or new couplings, this system consists of IO-Link-ready sensors, IO-Link measurement components, and a display screen (HMI screen). System component supply is guaranteed and readily available as standard stock components are used, and integration of the system into existing network systems is possible via an Ethernet connection.

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          We invite you to click and explore our latest digital measurement system, OnCare.Health IOLIS.


          How a variable speed coupling works

            Voith variable speed couplings are fluid couplings. They link the drive machine – generally an electric motor – with the corresponding driven machine.

            The power is transferred through the fluid energy of the working fluid. This fluid flows in an enclosed working chamber between the pump wheel (linked to the input shaft) and the turbine wheel (connected to the output shaft). The coupling fill level can be adjusted between 0 % and 100 % during operation, enabling precise and continuously variable-driven machine speed control. The control range depends on the load characteristic (torque to speed ratio).

            Voith | Variable speed fluid coupling functions

            Application areas

              Voith variable speed couplings are primarily used in pump and fan drive applications within the power, oil, and gas industries and the mining and material production industries.

              Voith | Power plant installation

              Witness powerful efficiency

                Voith’s variable speed fluid couplings

                Save space, and energy, increase reliability and prolong the entire driveline’s service life in combined cycle power plants with Voith variable speed couplings.

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                  Why use Voith Service?

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