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    More than 850,000 Voith retarders reliably relieve truck operating brakes. The driver and load always arrive at their destination safely.

    Operators are happy about less brake wear and the environment about fewer brake dust emissions. Other solutions for truck and air compressors are TurboCompound systems and fluid couplings for heavy load transportation.

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    Voith Electrical Drive System for heavy trucks and special vehicles

    The VEDS HD+ from Voith is the innovative drive system for heavy trucks and special vehicles, such as construction site vehicles and refuse trucks.

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    Plug & Drive H2 Storage System

    The Voith Plug & Drive H2 Storage System is making a major contribution to the decarbonization of heavy goods transport worldwide and delivers outstanding performance.

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      Easy transportation of heavy loads
      Easy transportation of heavy loads

      The stator transported for us on a heavy-duty truck across Germany from our plant in Heidenheim to the hydropower station in Töging am Inn was a gigantic 8.2 meters wide and weighed 105 metric tons. Thanks to the Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB, the driver from haulage firm TSB was able to start up powerfully, maneuver with millimeter precision and brake safely at all times.

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