MasterJet Pro

Highest paper quality with low energy costs

    The new MasterJet Pro headbox, with its series of innovations, combines the highest paper quality with low energy costs.

    The new MasterJet Pro headbox represents a milestone in headbox development. It improves paper quality and at the same time allows substantial savings in energy costs.

    All MasterJet Pro headboxes include well proven features like the MasterJet turbulence generator and the ModuleJet dilution system. In addition, the unique jet quality ensures the highest paper quality.

    A wide range of options and add-ons, like the ParaSlice nozzle concept and the IntraDamp pulsation damper, are available and allow a flexible headbox configuration to meet individual customer requirements.

    Your benefits with MasterJet Pro

    • Highest paper quality
    • Better cross profiles of grammage and fiber orientation
    • Lower operating costs
    • Fast and trouble-free grade changes
    • Comfortable operation and maintenance
    • Highest availability

    More than 4,000 successful installed references worldwide
    More than 100 years of experience in headbox manufacturing

    MasterJet Pro product family

      Whether Fourdrinier, hybrid, gap former or multi-layer application, MasterJet Pro headboxes are available in different variants to suit your needs.

      MasterJet Pro for Fourdrinier and hybrid formers

      The MasterJet Pro F and F/B headboxes with their leading technological concept provide highest paper quality at a maximum of operational efficiency.

      MasterJet Pro F

      The MasterJet Pro F is the preferred solution for Fourdrinier and hybrid former applications. Due to its extremely solid design, it can be used for the highest machine speeds and widest wire widths.

      MasterJet Pro F/B

      Thanks to its innovative specialty paper modules, the MasterJet Pro F/B is extremely successful in the high-end market segment.

      The MasterJet Pro F/B is the preferred solution not only for new machines but especially also to replace outdated headboxes on existing paper machines.

      MasterJet Pro for gap formers

      MasterJet Pro G

      The MasterJet Pro G was developed to meet the requirements of high-performance gap former machines. It combines well-proven components like the MasterJet Pro turbulence generator and lamella technology with specific adaptions for gap former applications. A strong focus was placed on clean design as a basis for efficient operation and excellent runability.

      Thanks to its modular design, the MasterJet Pro G allows an individual configuration to fully meet specific customer requirements. It is applicable on graphic as well as packaging machines.

      MasterJet Pro for multi-layer applications

      The two-layer headbox type is typically used for testliner production. Due to its unique layer separation concept, it provides excellent layer purity of brown-dyed top side.

      MasterJet Pro F2

      The MasterJet Pro F2 is a two-layer headbox for hybrid formers. It can be combined with a vacuum-assisted forming board for further improvement of layer separation.

      The MasterJet Pro F2 was designed for maximum machine widths and highest speeds. It is the right solution for rebuilds of existing machines as well as new machines.

      MasterJet Pro G2

      The MasterJet Pro G2 is a two-layer headbox for gap formers. The headbox is applicable to roll and blade formers. A strong focus was put on clean design as a basis for efficient operation and excellent runability.

      The MasterJet Pro G2 was designed for maximum machine widths and highest speeds. It is ideal for both rebuilds of existing machines as well as new, high-performance machines.

      Add-ons improve your headbox performance

        EdgeModule – Edge feeding for improved fiber orientation

        Fewer edge breaks through improved edge stability

        EdgeModule provides separate feeding of the outer turbulence generator columns on the front side and drive side in order to influence the nozzle flow and finally the fiber orientation cross direction (CD) profile. The suspension is controlled by means of the integrated flowmeter and ball valve.

        EdgeModule thereby contributes to a considerable improvement of paper edge stability and fewer edge breaks.

        IntraDamp – Fully integrated pulsation damping

        Efficient pulsation damping ensures excellent paper quality

        IntraDamp is an internal pulsation damper that provides significant improvement of the machine direction (MD) profile quality. It includes an air cushion and overflow system. In contrast to external damper tanks, which require additional space on the crowded drive side, IntraDamp scores with its compact design and low installation costs. Good accessibility for maintenance and cleaning is guaranteed through the convenient walkway behind the MasterJet Pro headbox.

        IntraDamp is applicable on MasterJet Pro F/B and MasterJet Pro F.

        MasterJet Pro for decor papers


        Unique concept for special requirements

        Especially for the production of specialty papers, the homogeneity of the stock flow is of the utmost importance and the basis for optimum profile quality, uniform sheet formation and the prevention of streaks.

        To meet these challenging requirements, Voith worked with the Felix Schoeller Group to completely optimize its headbox hydraulic system, focusing primarily on the turbulence generator, the lamellas and the headbox nozzle. In comprehensive pilot trials and simulations, these components were improved and perfectly matched with one another. With the new MasterJet Pro, the Felix Schoeller Group has achieved a significant improvement in the quality of its decor paper.

        This unique headbox concept has had such a positive impact on our production that we have meanwhile ordered another two units from Voith.
        Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, COO of the Felix Schoeller Group

        Consulting and support – Get in contact with us!

          Markus Haeussler

          Global Product Manager


          t +49 7321 37 3888

          Engineered for success

            Successful headbox rebuild at BM 3 improves quality and productivity

            Not only did the close collaboration between the two companies deliver a three percent increase in productivity and an improvement in paper quality; extending the dewatering section with an improvement in dewatering capacity also proved to be an expedient measure. Production could restart ahead of schedule thanks to the well-coordinated collaboration between all parties during the planning and rebuild phases.
            The best project execution that I have experienced in Arnsberg in the last 37 years.
            Joachim Corthum, RDM Production Manager

            Service at the next level for your headbox

              At Voith, the success of the customer takes center stage. Service means delivering customized service solutions and utilizing our full expertise to help our customers reach their goals.


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