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DuoCleaner Express

Effective cleaning of dryer fabrics

Optimum conditioning of the dryer fabric is an important prerequisite for good paper quality and efficient machine operation. In ongoing production the fabric properties must be maintained through maximum cleaning performance. High runnability of the paper machine necessitates both highly reliable dryer fabric conditioning and a minimum of maintenance for cleaning equipment.

The traversing DuoCleaner Express is equiped with up to six concentrated high-pressure cleaning jets that spray water on the dryer fabric at a defined angle. A water jet injector in the cleaning head generates a vacuum, which together with the connected mill vacuum system ensures that the rebounding water is reliably removed along with the dirt particles. A small amount of water from the jets goes through the fabric and is collected and removed in an optional trough under the dryer fabric. In addition, an air knife blows residual water out of the fabric, to prevent water streaks in the paper.

The DuoCleaner Express operates in the pressure range 20 to 64 MPa. The improved design compared with the DuoCleaner allows reliable operation and thus substantially reduces maintenance. A washing station allows the cleaning head to be cleaned automatically in the ’park’ position while the paper machine is running.


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