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DuoCleaner Express

Effective cleaning of dryer fabrics

    Optimum condition of dryer fabrics is essential for achieving high-quality paper and efficient machine operation. Effective cleaning maintains the fabric properties during production. DuoCleaner Express improves runnability by providing the highest availability of equipment through reliable operation and ease of maintenance.

    High runnability of the paper machine necessitates both highly reliable dryer fabric conditioning and routine maintenance of cleaning equipment. DuoCleaner Express ensures reliable operation and thus substantially reduces maintenance.

    Your benefits

    • Improved retention of fabric permeability
    • Increased drying efficiency
    • Better sheet stability and tail threading
    • Reduced need for cleaning chemicals
    • Higher fabric performance
    • Optimized sheet quality

    Operating principle

      The traversing DuoCleaner Express is equipped with up to six concentrated, high-pressure cleaning jets that spray water on the dryer fabric at a defined angle. Water jet injectors in the cleaning head generate a vacuum, which together with the connected mill vacuum system ensures that the deflected water and contamination is removed from the cleaning zone. A small amount of water from the cleaning jets goes through the fabric and is collected and removed in an optional tray under the dryer fabric. In addition, an air knife blows residual water out of the fabric to prevent water streaks in the paper.

      The DuoCleaner Express operates in the pressure range of 25 to 64 MPa. A washing station allows the cleaning head to be cleaned automatically in the “park” position while the paper machine is running.


        DuoCleaner Express – How can we help you?


          Mark Hodson

          Global Product Manager

          Apex Works Middleton M24 1QT Manchester United Kingdom


          t +44 161 655 2920


          Karlheinz Straub

          Technologie Manager

          St. Pöltener Straße 43 89522 Heidenheim Germany


          t +49 7321 37 3089

          f +49 7321 37 7936

          ASIA PACIFIC

          Camel Chen

          199 ChenFeng Rd. 215300 Kunshan, JiangSu China


          t +86 512 5799 3830

          f +86 512 5799 3611 3830


          Donald Carpenter

          Application Engineer

          2200 N. Roemer Road 54911-8687 Appleton (WI) United States


          t +1 920 358 2379

          f +1 920 731 1391


          Patricia Schmidt

          Application Engineer

          Rua Friedrich von Voith 825 Bairro Jaragua 02995-000 São Paulo Brazil


          t +55 11 3944 4632

          f +55 11 3941 3979

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