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Voith Paper Fabrics India Limited

Voith Paper Fabrics India Limited

    Voith Paper Fabrics India Limited (VPFV), a subsidiary of VP Auslandsbeteiligungen GmbH, belongs to the Voith Group of Companies, Germany. The Group has presence all over the world and currently operates through its four Divisions - viz., Voith Hydro, Voith Paper, Voith Turbo and Voith Digital Solutions. 

    Voith Group was founded in 1867 and is a major family-owned industrial conglomerate in Europe. The headquarters of the Voith Group are based in Heidenheim, Germany. 

    VPFV was incorporated in India in the year 1968 by Porritts & Spencer UK, which later became a part of Scapa Group of U.K. In 1999, the Voith Group acquired major stake in the Company. The company changed its name from Porritts & Spencer (Asia) Limited to Voith Paper Fabrics India Limited in the year 2007. 

    The company initially commenced its business with manufacture of woolen and cotton dryers for pulp, paper and board industry with the technical support of Scapa and now carries its operations with the support of Voith Group. VPFV has extended the range of clothing for use on paper machines as the main business. 

    Voith Paper Fabrics India Ltd.

    Registered Office:
    113/114 A, Sector 24
    Haryana, Delhi NCR, India

    Corp. Identity Number (CIN):

    t +91-129-4292200
    f +91-129-2232072

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    Keeping the area of core competence in view, VPFV has continued to upgrade its products. Today the focus is on paper machine clothing (PMC), fibre-cement sheet making felts and hi-tech textile processing felts.

    With the entry into forming fabric business, currently VPFV is the only Indian manufacturer in a position to supply the entire range of machine clothing to paper manufacturers.

    The Company is located at one of the established industrial townships of Northern India serving customers both in India and abroad. Real strength of the Company lies in its team of people and a time tested set of vendors who work together to add value to the Company’s products. Serving the customers with a global mind-set and world-class services complemented by an internationally accredited QMS (9001:2015), EMS (14001:2015) and OHSAS (45001:2018), VPFV continues to hold its distinguished position as a highly trusted and reliable supplier.


    Board of Directors

      Benno Morlock



      Ravinder Nath



      S.K Nagpal



      Deepti Gupta



      Pallavi D. Gupta



      R. Krishna Kumar

      Managing Director




        Manufacturing activities are carried out in a scientifically planned way on modern machines. The manufacturing operations involve raw materials, production machineries and process control and energy conservation. Machineries and control equipment are reviewed regularly for technological modification, up gradation and calibration. Weaving is carried out on heavy duty modern wide looms, which are capable of producing fabrics of all the required varieties and dimensions. Fiber-locking process is carried out on technically advanced machines which ensure proper locking of the fiber layers with the base fabrics to achieve desired characteristics. In the Seaming section PLC controlled precision seaming-heads are available to produce a wide range of fabrics for forming and dryer applications. Intermediate processes like heat setting, surface treatment and finishing of the products are done on modern finishing equipment, tailor made for the purpose. Being a pioneer in this field, Mono Link Fabrics are made in a precisely controlled facility.

        Research and Development

        VPFV is adequately equipped with Research and Development facilities which are recognized by the Government of India. New designs, product innovations, process efficiency, quality control and import substitution are areas of activity in this department. A team of dedicated technologists are using modern testing facilities in the Research & Development Center, in that constantly upgrading process and product technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers. Understanding the customer requirements and problems to find out satisfactory solutions is the focus of activity. A detailed database regularly through customer interface helps the Research & Development professionals in carrying out innovations and establishing product qualities.

        Sales & Marketing

        The customer is the focus and VPFV is conscious that their needs have to be clearly understood to serve them better. This is borne in mind while drawing up operational plans. The domestic and export marketing activities are managed at Faridabad. To improve the service to the customers in India, through a greater interaction, regional marketing offices were also set up in Chennai, Hyderabad and Vapi.
        The location of the marketing department provides for effective exchange of information with the technology cell on the customers´ requirements and problems. This cell having close interaction with manufacturing department decides on products and processes.

        The ability of an organization to realize its objectives ultimately depends on its human resources. Qualified, skilled motivated employees have been a source of great strengths to VPFV. Opportunities and guidance is provided by the company to improve the skills which benefit the personnel as much as the organization. Personnel policies at VPFV are based on keeping in mind the factors such as working ambiance, welfare, team-work, training and remuneration schemes which is aimed to keep the employees engaged and motivated.


          Forming Fabric

          VPFV offers to its customers, state of art forming fabrics for a wide range of paper making applications. These fabrics are woven on highly advanced looms and processed under strict quality systems to meet specific customer needs. A well trained team works closely with customers to supply them fabrics suitably selected and tailored correctly for their individual requirements.

          Fabrics are available in wide range of drainage, fiber support and permeability combinations.

          Press Fabric

          VPFV design and manufacturing capabilities enable it to successfully meet any wet end application requirement of the pulp, paper and paper board industry.

          This product range includes full range of Wet Press Felts: single layer, double layer, laminated and Vector.

          All the above are specially designed and manufactured to suit individual applications.

          Roll Covers, QualiFlex sleeves for shoe press and Doctor Blades

          We have entire range of roll covers and doctor blades for each and every position of different types of paper machines.

          Dryer Fabric

          VPFV design and manufactures complete range of dryer fabrics for pulp, paper and paper board industry.

          VPFV dryers are preferred because of :
          • Ease of seaming/joining
          • Fabric stability
          • Drying efficiency
          • Sheet runnability
          • Non-marking surface
          • Wear resistance
          • Degradation resistance hydrolysis

          Fiber Cement

          This Fabric is used for making Fiber Cement sheets and pipes.

          Our felts are specifically designed to be utilized within fiber cement production.
          They provide desired stability as well as durability and ensure machine performance.


            Investors Corner (Disclosure under Regulation 46(2) of the SEBI LODR)

              Investor Relations

              1) Designated Officials responsible for assisting and handling investor's grievances:

              Mr. C. S. Gugliani

              Company Secretary

              Also nodal officer for the purpose of IEPF


              t +91-129-4292 200

              f +91-129-2232 072

              Mr. K. K. Maheshwari

              Asst. Co. Secretary


              t +91-129-4292 200

              f +91-129-2232 072

              2) Details of Agreements entered into with Media Companies and / or their Associates

              Company does not have any agreement with any Media Company.

              3) Result of Postal Ballot - 2011

              The shareholders of the company have passed the special resolution, through postal ballot, altering the Object Clause of Memorandum of Association and Authorizing the Board of Directors to start new business activities.

              4) Candidatures of Directors

              5) Annual Report

              6) Details of Unpaid / Unclaimed Dividends

              7) IEPF Shares

              In terms of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority Rules, 2016 and the notification issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in this regard, shares of the company in respect of which dividend remained unclaimed/unpaid for seven consecutive years or more, are required to be transferred to the designated Demat Account of the Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (IEPF Authority) by the company.

              Communications were sent to the concerned members, providing them an opportunity to claim such unpaid/unclaimed dividends and consequently avoid their shares from being transferred to IEPF Authority. Subsequently, the company had already transferred 50,499 (As at 31st December, 2022) aggregate shares, on which dividend remained unpaid/unclaimed beginning from the year 2008-09, to IEPF Authority. Also, the company would be transferring another lot of shares to IEPF Authority, on which dividend had remained unclaimed for the year ended 31st March 2015, sometime in the month of July / August 2022. Hence, shareholders are requested to make their claim in this regard, if any, latest by 15th June, 2022. The tentative list of such shareholders is attached below.

              Shareholders may note that the shares/dividend transferred to IEPF, can only be claimed back by them, by making an application (to be filed online) to the concerned Authority in “IEPF Form -5”, which can be downloaded from the following link: http://iepf.gov.in/

              The necessary details of such shares can be accessed as follows:

              8) Change in Directorship & other developments

              Mr. C.S.Panigrahi has resigned from the office of Director effective 24th July, 2014 due to personal reasons.
              Mr. R. Krishna Kumar appointed as Managing Director effective 1st August, 2014.
              Mr. Makus Mader resigned from the office of Director effective 6th August, 2014 due to preoccupation in other assignments.
              Ms. Patricia Annette Sargeant ceases to be a Director effective from 5th November, 2015.
              Ms. Shahana Basu has been appointed as an Additional Director of the company, effective from 6th February, 2016.
              The holding company has withdrawn the nomination of Mr. Martin Gustav Scherrer effective from close of business hours of Thursday, 5th July, 2018 in view of him being assigned responsibilities as CEO of Voith Robotics, Germany. Further the holding company has nominated Mr. Benno Edmund Morlock as a Director and the Chairman of the Board, effective from the start of business hours on Friday, 6th July, 2018 subject to completion of necessary procedural formalities in this regard.
              Mr. Biren De has resigned from the office of Director, effective from 30th July, 2020, particularly due to prevailing Covid pandemic situation and its consequential risk for persons belonging to his age group.
              The Board of Directors have appointed Dr. Deepti Gupta as an Independent Woman Director, effective from 30th July, 2020. The said appointment is subject to the approval of shareholders.
              Ms. Shahana Basu has resigned from the Board of Directors of the Company, effective 31st May, 2022, due to her other professional commitments.
              The Board of Directors have appointed Ms. Pallavi Dinodia Gupta as an Independent Woman Director, effective from 29th May, 2022. The said appointment is subject to the approval of shareholders.

              9) Voting Results for General Meetings

              10) Insider Trading Code

              11) Details of Familiarization Programme attended by Independent Directors

              The Independent Directors are already conversant with their roles, rights, duties and responsibilities in the company, and are familiar with the nature of industry in which the company operates, business model of the company etc., as they have been associated with the company for years. Further, at each Audit Committee Meetings and Board Meetings, about 20-30 minutes of time is normally reserved for Independent Directors, when they are usually briefed about the latest updates pertaining to the operations, business model/developments of the Company; regulatory/statutory changes and its likely impact on the Company workings etc., that have occurred since previous Board Meeting are conveyed to them by the Statutory Auditors, Managing Director, as well as the Company Secretary. The Directors are also encouraged to visit the Plant of Company, where senior officials apprise them of the various functional and allied aspects to enable them to have complete understanding & appreciation on the workings of the Company. This way they devote adequate time to understand, familiarize and remain updated about the activities of the Company.

              12) Movement in Shareholding of Top 10 Shareholders

              13) Postal Ballot – 2019

              14) Annual Returns

              15) COVID-19 Disclosures

              16) Related Party Transactions

              17) Secretarial Compliance Report

              18) Contact Details of Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA)

              MCS Share Transfer Agent Limited
              F-65, First Floor, Okhla Industrial Area Phase - 1,
              New Delhi - 110020. 
              Phone: +91 11 4140 6149-51
              E-mail: helpdeskdelhi@mcsregistrars.com

              Company Policies

              The Company has formulated following policies:

              1. Nomination and Remuneration Policy

              This policy has been formed to ensure that appropriate and suitable persons are appointed on the Board of the Company and at the Senior Management Positions (members of the management team of the Company, comprising all members of management one level below the executive/managing director, including all functional heads) and that the level and composition of remuneration is reasonable and sufficient to attract, retain and motivate Directors and Senior Management Personnel, of the quality required to run the Company successfully, and the relationship of remuneration to performance, meets appropriate performance benchmarks. The full Policy can be accessed below.

              2. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

              This Policy would enable the company to participate/undertake (directly or indirectly) or to make obligatory contributions in the projects or programs or activities as specified in the Schedule VII attached to the Companies Act, 2013, as amended. The requisite details under this policy shall be disclosed suitably as & when the company spends the amount for any CSR project or activity.
              The full Policy can be accessed below.

              The CSR Report for the year ended on 31/03/2022 can be accessed below.

              3. Whistle Blower Policy

              This Policy has been prepared in pursuance of the provisions contained in the Companies Act, 2013 and requirements of Listing Agreement, that casts an obligation on a listed company to establish a vigil mechanism for the directors and employees to report their genuine concerns about unethical behaviour, actual or suspected fraud or violation of the company's code of conduct.

              The policy also provides for adequate safeguards against victimization of director(s) or employee(s) who use such mechanism and make provision for direct access to the Chairperson of the Audit Committee in exceptional cases.

              The full Policy can be accessed below.

              4. Related Party Transaction Policy

              This Policy is intended to ensure the proper approval and reporting of transactions between the company and its related parties, in accordance with the applicable provision of the Companies Act, 2013 and Listing Agreement or any other law for the time being in force. The full Policy can be accessed below.

              5. Materiality Policy

              6. Archival Policy

              7. Environmental Policy

              8. Quality Policy

              Corporate Identity Number (CIN)


              For redressal of their complaints and / or grievances, if any, the investors may contact us at following e-mail investorcare.vffa@voith.com