Typical Vosycon application

The smallest starting system footprint that offers the highest availability

Your start-up compressor solution

    Voith Vosycon

    Offering high torque and high efficiency, the Vosycon, is the ideal start-up compressor solution.

    The biggest challenge when large compressors are in operation is the start-up. Single shaft gas turbines don’t produce sufficient torque to accelerate the compressor. Furthermore, large electric motors often can’t be started due to the inrush current.

    The Vosycon provides the perfect solution by disengaging the driver and load during start-up.


    All benefits at a glance

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      High inertia acceleration
      High inertia/high load system startup
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      High efficiency
      High efficiency at rated operation
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      Highest availability
      Highest availability | Simplicity in design | Easy integration
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      Smallest footprint
      The smallest starting system footprint
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      Design life > 30 years | 10 year overhaul intervals
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      Up to 100 MW power

      How the Vosycon works

        Installed between the driver (turbine or motor) and the compressor, the Vosycon torque converter impeller is connected to the drive and the turbine wheel to the compressor. The unit disconnects the driver and compressor during startup, enabling an unloaded start. It should be noted that to facilitate this; the torque converter is drained.

        Once the driver is up to speed, the torque converter is filled, and the Vosycon accelerates the compressor. By opening the Vosycon guide vanes, the compressor speed can be adjusted to the input speed. When the two speeds match, the lock-up device is engaged, which connects the driver and compressor mechanically. In this phase, power is mechanically transmitted at very high efficiency while the integrated gear provides the required speed increase for the compressor. After that, the load can even be further increased.

        Voith Vosycon

        Our portfolio


          • Power: 5 - 100 MW
          • Input speed: 1,500 - 3,600 rpm
          • Gear ratio: 5:1 … 1:5
          • Integrated gear-stage at output side

          Flexibility for customization

          • Flexibility in output speed range, enables adaption to low and high speed driven machines


          Voith Vosycon | Type GHAS
          • Power: 5 - 100 MW
          • Input speed: 500 - 20,000 rpm
          • Gear ratio: 10:1 … 1:10
          • Integrated gear-stages at in- and output side

          Highest flexibility for customization

          • Driver speed adaption is possible

          Special features and characteristics

            • Mechanical lock-up results in efficiency gains
            • When the lock-up is engaged, reverse power transmission is possible, e.g., FCC expander drive
            • Integrated parallel shaft gear for speed modulation at in- or/and output shaft compliant to AGMA 6011 or API 613
            • Optional: An integrated lube oil supply for motor and driven machine

            Voith | Variable speed drives

            Key technical data

              Rated power Up to 100 MW
              Rated output speed Up to 16,500 rpm
              Installation Indoor / outdoor
              Area classification Explosion proof



                Vosycon reference | Columbian refinery
                Vosycon reference: A Columbian refinery

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