BlueLine OCC process

The perfect stock preparation for packaging paper

BlueLine OCC process

Less energy. More yield. Most trusted.

    With over 70,000 system components sold, Voith is one of the world's leading specialists for stock preparation. Voith’s extensive product and process know-how in the field of OCC is unique in the industry. It allows paper manufacturers to optimize their entire recovered paper stock preparation by maximizing both efficiency and quality.

    With over 120 years of experience in stock preparation, more than 70,000 individual components sold, and over 85 complete OCC systems installed, Voith products are among the world's leading solutions for energy-efficient and robust recycling of recovered paper and cardboard. We consider OCC stock preparation not only at the product level, but also and especially at the process level. With innovative technologies and new solutions, we set benchmarks in the industry – and continuously advance the innovation process in the field of digitization, automation and networking. The result: a perfectly designed stock preparation process with market-leading individual components that are perfectly adapted to individual conditions and requirements.

    complete OCC systems successfully installed worldwide
    years of experience in stock preparation

    Your benefits with the BlueLine OCC Process

      When developing OCC solutions, Voith always keeps an eye on the entire stock preparation process. This guarantees maximum efficiency and quality even beyond the product level.

      Robust process

      • Trash removal as early and efficiently as possible to improve performance and reliability of downstream systems
      • Vast engineering know-how based on years of experience
      • Elimination of chests to reduce spinnings and trash agglomeration problems
      • Highly automated process for smooth start or system stop to avoid machine damages
      • Proven, robust machines of the BlueLine family

      Minimum energy consumption

      • A high consistency during whole process minimizes installed pumping power
      • Feed-Forward Principle: wherever possible, accepts are not recirculated but sent directly "forward". Lower volume flows and higher stock consistencies in the process reduce, among other things, the pump energy required to transport the pulp
      • Fewer components, e.g. in our screening sub-systems: Where other systems require multiple intermediate pumps and chests, Voith can do without. This allows significant savings, e.g. in electrification and process equipment

      Increased fiber yield

      • Efficient deflaking of the process streams catches otherwise lost fiber. This is crucial to increase the fiber yield and therefore the profits
      • The process is designed in a way to defiber flakes effectively

      Higher quality

      • BlueLine systems are designed to preserve the size of the contaminants, which simplifies an early removal in the process
      • Sticky removal is one of the major challenges in stock preparation: Voith screening sub-systems proved to be the best solution for removing stickies and impurities
      • The highly purified stock suspension from the BlueLine OCC process is the prerequisite for fewer sheet breaks and increased paper machine uptime. At the same time, the converting process of the final paper product will benefit from the high paper quality.

      Full-line supplier

      • All system components are from a single source
      • Minimized interfaces
      • Aligned components and processes
      • One main contact person for the entire project, supported by an experienced team of experts
      • Improved profitability through a pioneering portfolio: Besides stock preparation and paper machine, Voith also provides subcomponents for automation, reject and water treatment, production consumables and smart and customized services

      Extensive experience

      • More than 120 years of experience in stock preparation
      • Over 85 complete OCC systems successfully installed worldwide
      • Unique know-how in technology and industry
      • Proximity to the paper producers as innovation driver

      Over 85 large OCC systems sold

        Customers all over the world rely on Voith BlueLine systems for OCC stock preparation. The reason: Stock preparation contributes to a large extent to excellent paper quality. The technologically leading solutions set benchmarks in efficiency and quality – and have proven themselves in countless applications worldwide. Take a look.

        Palm Aalen PM 5 – Reduced water and energy consumption

        The BlueLine stock preparation line at Palm Aalen PM 5 is one of the largest and most advanced systems worldwide. With unrivalled low energy consumption and a comprehensive AquaLine Flex mill-wide water management system the new Aalen plant sets industry standards in resource efficiency.
        "Thanks to the great teamwork, we were able to reach our goals in a highly efficient way."
        Stephan Gruber, Chief Technology Officer at Papierfabrik Palm
        Read the complete success story here

        Green Bay PM 4 – Complete production line from Voith

        With Green Bay PM 4 it is the first time in the history of the U.S. that a single company, Voith, was awarded to contract to supply a complete production line for the paper industry. The new line produces testliner at basis weights of between 18 and 56 lbs/1,000 ft2 (88 and 273 g/m2).
        "The stock preparation line is a crucial factor in ensuring reliably high quality in this broad range."
        Matthew Szymanski, Vice President Mill Operations at Green Bay Packaging
        Learn more about this project

        Schoellershammer PM 6 – In record time with Voith as complete supplier

        The Schoellershammer PM 6 is one of the world's first paper machines to combine the new XcelLine paper machine with Voith's BlueLine stock preparation. The paper manufacturer Schoellershammer from Düren is enthusiastic about the customized Voith solution.

        "It was important for us to win a complete supplier who could supply us with everything from a single source, from the conveyor system for waste paper to the winder."
        Armin Vetter, Managing Director Schoellershammer

        Read the Schoellershammer story here

        Modern Karton PM 5 – Convincing with quality and quantity

        In order to expand its production capacity at the Çorlu (Turkey) site, the board and packaging paper manufacturer Modern Karton was looking for a new paper machine. Modern Karton had already been using a Voith PM 3 for 15 years and – being convinced by the tonnage and quality of the paper machine – could rely on Voith technology for its next machine. It was worth it: The completely customized production line – from stock preparation to the approach flow system – achieves high production speeds even at low basis weights.

        "We have achieved very promising quantitative and qualitative results right from the start."
        Osman Tamer, Project Manager Modern Karton

        Find out more about the Modern Karton project here

        Copamex PM 5 – Tailor-made solution for highly loaded fibers

        New growth targets: To strengthen its position in the growing market for container board and packaging, Mexican paper manufacturer Copamex is expanding its production capacity for OCC and mixed waste. The system of choice: A BlueLine system from Voith. As a full-line supplier, we are delivering a customized stock preparation system in collaboration with MERI Environmental Solutions, a Voith subsidiary. Commissioning is scheduled for early 2019.

        "The Voith team consistently understands the requirements of our projects and adapts our stock preparation systems accordingly."
        Alonso González, CEO Copamex

        Read more about the Copamex project here

        A perfectly coordinated process with market-leading components

          In the OCC stock preparation process, contaminants are removed from recovered fiber sources in a multi-stage recycling process. OCC contains numerous contaminants such as adhesives, metals, sand and plastics that need to be removed as early as possible in the process. The customer profits from Voith’s full-line competence and thus receives a perfectly coordinated OCC stock preparation process. An overview.

          Raw material feed

          A consistent supply of raw materials influences the quality and efficiency of the entire process, because fluctuations in the raw material quality or quantity continue throughout the following recycling process. Subsequent corrections are only possible to a limited extent and involve a great deal of effort. Our solution: Voith not only provides conveyors but also control concepts that have proven their good performance in many installations.
          Find out more about our raw material handling solutions here


          The raw material is dissolved and homogenized in the pulper. Already here it is important to remove as many contaminants as possible, for example adhesive tapes, plastics and wires. This is because impurities that are carried along are further and further crushed during the subsequent process steps. These contaminants can only be sorted out with considerable additional effort or are even carried through the process to the paper machine. A double advantage: Efficient cleaning reduces wear on the subsequent machines. At the same time, the machines run safer and smoother, and a wider operating window of the subsequent machines is achieved. This improves the robustness of the whole process.
          Find out more about our market-leading pulping systems here

          HC and LC cleaning

          The main task of the Protector System, the high-consistency (HC) cleaning, is the early separation of highly abrasive contaminants. An efficient disposal increases the service life of all downstream machines and pumps. To achieve this target, Voith uses a two-stage system. A booster pump prior to the second stage ensures the necessary pressure and thus an efficient separation.

          In the low-consistency (LC) Cleaner, remaining heavy particles such as sand are selectively removed from the fiber suspension by centrifugal separation. Compared to other manufacturers, the Voith system scores with an excellent separation at significant higher stock consistencies. This is made possible by the EcoMizer technology developed by Voith.

          Find out more about our cleaning systems here

          Screening and fractionation

          During coarse screening and fractionation, coarse impurities are further removed from the pulp, flakes are defibered, and the reject is washed several times to avoid fiber losses. Clever: The three-stage Voith system requires no vats for intermediate storage of the fiber suspension. This reduces a large number of typical problems in coarse screening. One the one hand, no agitator is required to move the pulp in the vats to avoid a floating layer. This reduces installation effort and energy consumption. On the other hand, agitators tend to spin the impurities, which endanger the downstream pumps and machines. The closed system design with a minimum number of chests and standpipes reduces the risk of clogging in the further course of the process.

          During fractionation and fine screening, the accepts contained in the fiber suspension are separated into long and short fibers. Also important is the removal of disturbing small reject particles and stickies. The quality of the fractionation and screening is determined to a large extent by the circuit variants and slot widths. The Voith screening system is optimized for the requirements of the final paper machine.

          Find out more about our screening and fractionation systems here

          Thickening and dewatering

          The task of the thickening stage is to increase the stock consistency and to reduce storage volume. It also provides clean filtrates to be used in the OCC process water cycles. The thickeners are characterized by excellent mechanical robustness and long lifetime of the filter sectors. Outstanding filtrate quality sustainably reduces fiber loss as well as the number of solids that are recirculated.

          The dewatering process increases the stock consistency from about 5 to 30 percent or more to prepare for the next process stage and for complete separation of the water cycle. The dewatering machines provide consistent and continuous discharge and thus a homogeneous supply of the dewatered stock to the subsequent systems. This reduces the number of energy peaks in the subsequent processes and thus lowers the overall energy demand of the dispersion system. With our systems, a more rigid and reliably stable operation can be achieved, compared to other machines available on the market.

          Find out more about our thickening and dewatering systems here


          The dispersing system homogenizes the dewatered stock and shreds dirt specks and stickies to the point of invisibility. The extremely compact dispersion system requires only three machines – the screw press, the high-speed heating system and the disperser. Coming from the screw press, the dewatered stock is then processed and heated with steam in the rapid heating system. If needed, it can also be used to mix in bleaching chemicals. Voith dispersers achieve best optical paper properties with the lowest energy consumption on the market.
          Find out more about our dispersion systems here


          High and constant fiber strength enables safe and efficient operation of the paper machine at high speeds. The conditions for this are created in the refiner. An intelligent setting of the gap width is important. This guarantees uniform fiber treatment even with process fluctuations. At the same time, contact between the refiner plates is avoided in order to keep service life of the refiner plates at a high level.
          Find out more about our refiner systems here

          Reject, water and effluent treatment

          The reject, water and effluent treatment is a very important part of the BlueLine OCC Process. Rejects have to be eliminated efficiently from the system. Depending on the further processing, rejects are dewatered and shredded. Problems in the reject management have a negative impact on the overall system performance and can even lead to a complete shutdown in stock preparation.

          No less important is water management. Small impurities accumulating in the water cycle can cause major problems. Further, paper mills pose special challenges to the wastewater treatment, e.g., with regard to calcium deposits. Voith systems are perfectly designed for these often very special conditions to ensure maximum process reliability in the long term. Efficient anaerobic reactors help keep energy requirements to a minimum.

          Consulting and support – Get in contact with us

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            Global Product Manager


            t +49 751 83 2136


              The Voith BlueLine portfolio: A global market-leader in stock preparation systems


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