Paper in China

Paper in China

Paper in China

    Since its establishment in 1867, Voith Paper has been a pioneer and leader in the development of modern papermaking technologies. As papermaking originated in China, Voith has a long-term vision to drive the art of papermaking in this strategic market. Voith supplied its first paper machine to Chinese customer Min Feng Paper as early as 1937. With China's opening-up and modernization, Voith has remained committed to participating in the country's economic dynamism. To this end, Voith has set up service centers and, in 2007, officially opened Voith Paper City (VPC), which is now the largest investment outside Voith headquarters and one of the world's biggest manufacturing and service centers, with an investment of up to 270 million euros. VPC also serves as Voith Paper's Asia center.

    In past decades, the demand for high-quality paper products in the country has been growing at an unprecedented pace, and China is now the world's largest producer and consumer of paper. Voith has contributed to the industry's growth and improvement by supplying over 100 complete paper machines to the market, covering various grades of paper, including packaging, graphic, tissue, and specialty papers. Notable contributions include the supply of the world's largest paper machine, Hainan PM 2, and the largest board machine, Bohui BM4.

    Voith's cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive services have helped Chinese paper manufacturers increase their production capacities and improve the quality of their products. As China continues to strive for sustainable and green development, the paper industry will play an increasingly important role in meeting the country's growing demand for paper products while minimizing the impact on the environment. Voith is committed to promoting sustainable development in China's paper industry. Voith's innovative and sustainable solutions will help paper mills reduce their environmental footprint and meet the country's strict environmental regulations.

    In conclusion, Voith's long-standing presence and continuous investment in China's paper industry has played a pivotal role in driving the industry's growth, improving product quality, and promoting sustainable development. As a full-line supplier of sustainable technologies in the paper industry, Voith is well-positioned to continue supporting the industry's expansion and sustainability in the years to come.

    Paper in China
    First PM in China to Minfeng Paper in 1937
    VPC opening in 2007
    >100 Paper Machines
    1/3 of Paper Production Capacity in China


      Hainan PM2: The largest paper machine in the world
      In May of 2010, the Hainan PM2 paper machine was successfully started up at Hainan Jinhai Pulp and Paper (HJPP). With a wire width of 11.8 meters and a length of almost 600 meters, it stands as an impressive feat of engineering. HJPP is a pulp and paper enterprise invested in by APP China, located in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone of Hainan Province, spanning an area of 4 square kilometers.

      Notably, the production line at HJPP represents the largest and most technologically advanced single pulp and paper production line in the world. The production processes are at the forefront of the industry, using the most advanced processes and technologies available.

      The PM2 paper machine is the world's largest coated paper production line, boasting an annual output of 1.2 million tons. Voith provided the complete production line, from stock preparation to finishing.

      Speed up: Sun Paper Beihai PM2
      World records are not set every day. With the completion of PM 2 in Beihai, China, in just 18 months from contract effectiveness to start-up, Voith and Sun Paper have achieved the fastest order execution for a high-speed line of this type.

      Beihai PM 2 is a marvel of engineering. With a maximum operating speed of 1,300 meters per minutes, it produces over one million tons per year of high-quality folding boxboard with a basis weight of 170 to 350 gsm. Combined with the visionary design, the line is the most advanced of its kind in the world.

      Sun Paper and Voith have been working together for years and have already successfully commissioned twelve XcelLine paper machines. The ‘Sun Paper speed’ is already well known: In January 2021, Voith and Sun Paper were able to set the fastest start-up record of Laos PM 2 packaging machine for 1 hour and 46 minutes. The Beihai PM 2 will help broaden Sun Paper's product portfolio and strengthen the manufacturer's position in the diversified paper business in Southeast China.

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