Vocational Training in China

Vocational Training in China

Vocational Training in China

    The Voith China Training Center is the largest training facility outside its home market of Germany of the Voith Group. It is a modern training complex that provides technical and management training, skill evaluation and talent management.

    Constructed between Nov. 2012 and Apr. 2014, Voith China Training Center is located in the Voith Paper City, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. The facility, granted with the LEED gold certification for green buildings, has a net area of about 4,000 square meters that consists of one state-of-the-art practical workshop, 13 training classroom, 2 meeting rooms and one multi-purpose lecture theatre.

    Concept and positioning of Voith China Training Center

      Since its establishment, Voith China Training Center adheres to its operational concept of “Professional Training, Lifelong Learning”, and is positioned in providing the full package when it comes to a modern training system: technical training, management training, technical evaluation, and talent development for its own business units, clients, partners and suppliers.

      Aiming to establish a new benchmark for the Sino-German cooperation in vocational education, Voith China Training Center is jointly funded by the Voith Group and the Kunshan government. Since its opening in 2014, it is working closely with local governments, institutions, communities, and other partners to address the local demand for qualified talent. The Center is committed to the dual education system. 

      Key figures

        Over the past years, Voith China Training Center has trained more than 100 technicians within the three divisions of the group. By now it has provided 360,000 hours of training for nearly 70,000 people. In talent development, it has helped educate more than 1,000 technicians and managers for Kunshan and surrounding areas. 

        In terms of college cooperation, Voith China Training Center has worked with more than 20 colleges and universities in the Yangtze River Delta region, including the Kunshan No. 1 Secondary Vocational School, Shanghai Utilities School, Suzhou Vocational Institute of Industrial Technology and Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology, contributing to the integration of enterprise and industry system. 

        hours of training
        people attendance


          • Voith China Training Center inaugurated
          • Voith China Training Center officially opened
          • First technical trainee program launched
          • Voith China Training Center was named as “Kunshan High-Skilled Talent Training Base” & "Kunshan Public Training Base"
          • Voith Welding Class was set up in Changzhou Institute of Mechatronic Technology
          • Voith China Training Center became a formal member of AHK Vocational Education Alliance
          • First Voith hydraulics seminar organized
          • Voith Craftsman Class set up with colleges
          • Training Center certified with “Kunshan Qinjian Mechanical Skills Master Workshop”
          • First round technical trainee training camp
          • First Voith Craftsman Tour Summer Camp held in Suzhou and Shanghai
          • Training Center certified with “Suzhou Mechanical Skills Master Workshop” and “Kunshan Ge Wengliang Welding Master Workshop”
          • Recognized as the fourth batch of pilot enterprises for industry-education integration in Jiangsu Province, together with Jiangsu Kunshan NO.1 Secondary Vocational School. Voith China Training Center was certified by the government as a pilot company for training high-skill talents in Kunshan.


            • Kunshan High Skilled Talent Training Base 
            • German Dual Vocational Education Promotion Union 
            • Kunshan CNC Public Training Base 
            • Mechanical Master Workshop 
            • Welding Master Workshop 
            • "The Best INNOVATION AWARDS" for its "Technical Trainee Program" in the field of dual-system vocational education