Turbo in China

Turbo in China

Turbo in China

    Voith Turbo is committed to providing advanced technologies and digital applications that are highly efficient and reliable for customers across various industries, including oil and gas, energy, mining, mechanical engineering, ship technology, rail, and commercial vehicles.

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    In the field of rail transportation, Voith has delivered nearly 100,000 sets of gear transmission systems and buffer coupler systems to China, bearing witness to and actively participating in the development journey of China's rail transportation industry, spanning from internal combustion locomotives and electric locomotives to metro trains and high-speed train sets. Since as early as 1965, Voith has been involved in railway projects in China, providing hydraulic transmission equipment. In 1995, Voith introduced its Scharfenberg® couplers to China, which were first utilized in Shanghai Metro Line 1. Following this successful implementation, Scharfenberg® couplers have been widely used on numerous subway lines in major cities across China, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. 

    Voith's influence on China's transportation industry goes far beyond rail transit. Voith's meticulously crafted retarders, transmissions, and hydraulic systems and products have become the top choice for a wide range of high-end commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. Voith's hydraulic retarders have been installed in nearly 300,000 units, providing vital assurance for the life and property safety of logistics enterprises and truck drivers alike.

    Voith Turbo is also a leading provider of products and services that are widely utilized in various industrial sectors, including oil and gas, energy and raw materials, and the steel machine tool industry. The hydraulic drive products are highly sought-after for their quality and reliability. Voith actively participates in the construction of energy sector projects in China, such as thermal power generation and nuclear power generation. Many of the nuclear power plants that have been built and are currently operational in China rely on Voith's products and services to provide efficient and dependable solutions.

    The trend towards decarbonization and digitization is gaining momentum, and Voith Turbo is leading the charge. Voith Turbo is dedicated to developing electric drive systems for a variety of vehicles, including buses, trucks, and ships, as well as for other industrial applications. Moreover, Voith is accelerating the process of freight automation by creating fully automated couplings and digital solutions for freight trains. Voith Turbo is committed to promoting the green concept of "energy conservation and environmental protection" across various industries such as petroleum, petrochemicals, energy, and steel. By leveraging scientific and technological innovation, Voith is driving sustainable development and creating a better future for everyone. 

    Turbo in China
    Voith provided the first hydraulic transmission gear box for Chinese railway.
    Voith Shanghai Lotus plant was put into operation
    Having delivered nearly 300,000 units, as of 2021, Voith continues to provide high-quality hydraulic retarder products to the Chinese market.
    In 2019, Voith signed an agreement with CRRC to establish a joint venture


      Localization Projects for Coupler and Gear Box in Urban Rail Transit System
      With the rapid growth of China's rail transit industry, Voith began to follow the development plan of China's urban rail transit in 2010 by initiating the localization project for couplers and gear boxes used in urban rail transit systems. 

      In the field of couplers, Voith achieved a significant milestone on November 12, 2021, when the first special train on Shanghai Metro Line 16, equipped with Voith's fully automatic coupler, successfully completed online coupling and uncoupling, making it the first subway line in China to achieve this feat. Additionally, in June 2022, Voith developed a tailor-made connection system solution, comprising a modular fully automatic coupler and semi-permanent coupler, for the first municipal rail transit in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. This solution effectively absorbs the impact energy generated during train connection, operation, and unexpected high-speed impacts, ensuring the safe and smooth operation of railways.

      Voith's lightweight design axle gearboxes have gained widespread usage in the rail transit industry. They have been successfully deployed in various metro lines across China, including Shenzhen Metro lines 1, 6, 11, 13, 14, and 20, Shanghai Metro lines 1 and 9, Guangzhou Metro lines 1 and 2, Xiamen Metro, and Beijing Metro, among others.

      Voith Establishes Joint Venture with China's CRRC
      Voith Group expanded its presence in the railway and industrial markets through a cooperation agreement with China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) in July 2018. The signing of agreement was witnessed by the Prime Ministers of China and Germany at the time.

      In March 2019, two joint ventures were established in Beijing and Shanghai, respectively, following the agreement. Since their establishment, the joint venture companies have achieved a significant breakthrough in the wind power gearbox business. The wind power gearbox has garnered wide acclaim from both internal and external customers for its stable product performance, solid structure, and forward-looking design concept.

      The joint venture company has demonstrated its technical expertise and brand appeal in four major markets: rail transit, wind power generation, compressed air sources, and new energy buses. 

      Voith electric drive system 
      In light of China's "dual carbon" goal and the need for sustainable development of the green economy, the new energy automotive industry has become a crucial element in achieving these objectives. Voith is proactively researching and developing electric drive systems specifically designed for medium and heavy commercial vehicles, including large and medium-sized buses, as well as medium and heavy-duty trucks. 

      Voith has expanded its electric drive systems to include the passenger car and heavy truck markets. The VEDS MD and VEDS HD series are already available for the passenger car market in China, while the VEDS HD+ system for heavy trucks is currently undergoing road testing. The VEDS system consists of an electric motor, a drive inverter and an optional four speed transmission. Additionally, a Voith Retarder can be connected to our system. The energy consumption of the VEDS is round about 20% lower compared to the systems in the market. Therefore, we enable our customers to extend the range of their vehicles by using the VEDS.

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