Voith Paper in China

Voith Paper in China

Voith Paper in China

    Since providing the first paper machine to China customer Shanghai Minfeng Paper in 1937, Voith Paper has been deeply committed to the Chinese market, actively participating in and promoting the development of China's paper industry. Following China's reform and opening up, Voith Group focused on China as the most important emerging market for papermaking and began strategically expanding its presence in China, by implementing “Build up China” initiative.

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    In 1996, Voith established a joint venture with Liaoyang Paper Machinery Factory in China, setting up Voith Paper's first manufacturing base in Liaoyang, which was followed by the establishment of service centers. In 2007, Voith invested in and founded Voith Paper (China) Co., Ltd. in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, also known as Voith Paper City Kunshan.

    Today, Voith Paper City covers an area of nearly 200,000 square meters and has an investment of approximately 2 billion RMB, making it the world's largest single modern papermaking equipment production and service center. As the Voith Paper’s headquarter in Asia, Voith Paper City boasts more than 1,200 employees and an expert management team. With its unified internal processes and proprietary technology, Voith provides high-quality products and services to China and the global market efficiently. As a full-line supplier, Voith Paper China has complete manufacturing and service capabilities and provide comprehensive solutions to the industry, including stock preparation systems, paper machine of different grades, consumables such as fabrics and rolls, spare parts, and automation services.

    Currently, more than one third of China's paper industry capacity is produced on Voith's paper machines. Notably, the Hainan PM2 provided by Voith is the world's largest paper machine, capable of producing paper with a width of up to 10.96 meters, equivalent to the width of 25 adults standing side by side. Additionally, Voith has collaborated with customers in China to build the world's largest board machine and graphic paper machine, and they have jointly created the world's fastest project execution record for board machine and graphic paper machine. Voith Paper is also supporting Chinese paper manufacturers in their globalization process. 

    Since its establishment, Voith Paper is committed to creating a green and sustainable papermaking process. Guided by China's decarbonization goal, Voith Paper leverages its industry knowledge, advanced technology, and innovative products to help Chinese paper enterprises reduce water, energy, and fiber consumption while significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

    Sun Paper Beihai PM2
    In 2021 Sun Paper Beihai PM2 set the world’s record of fastest project execution of high-speed folding boxboard PM


      • Voith Paper supplied its first paper machine to China Minfeng Paper
      • Voith Beijing Office set up
      • Voith established a joint venture in Liaoyang, and contracted to provide the largest two paper machines at that time to Jindong Paper
      • Voith Paper City Kunshan opened
      • The world’s largest paper machine Hainan PM2 started up
      • Voith China Training Center opened in Kunshan
      • The world’s largest board machine Bohui BM 4 started up
      • Sun Paper Laos PM 2 set the world’s record of packaging machine start-up
      • Sun Paper Beihai PM2 set the world’s record of fastest project execution of high-speed folding boxboard PM
      Voith Paper in China


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