Voith Hydro Shanghai

Voith Hydro Shanghai

Voith Hydro Shanghai

    The operating unit in Shanghai is Voith Hydro’s largest manufacturing base in the eastern hemisphere with nearly 500 employees.

    It was established in 1994 by Voithand Shanghai Electrical Corporation. Today, Voith Hydro Shanghai (VHS) is a complete full line supplier for hydropower plants. We do not only offer engineering, production, assembly and commissioning, we also provide a life-cycle partnership including maintenance, upgrading, digitalization and modernization. Our portfolio covers the development and manufacturing of a wide variety of turbines and generators. 


      In 1908, the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway made Voith familiar with China and provided generators and turbines for Shilongba Hydropower Station, the first hydropower station in China.

      The station was put into use in 1910 and is still in operation more than a century later. As of today, Voith has provided more than 200 units to nearly 55 hydropower stations in China, with a total installed capacity of over 66 million kilowatts. Voith has supplied turbines and/or generating units to eight of the top ten hydropower plants in China.

      VH China History

      Full-line supplier for hydropower plants

        Everything from a single source: from customized design and high-quality production to the commissioning of hydropower plants, Voith Hydro Shanghai offers the complete solution for both the field of power generation and the area of storing electrical power.

        A successful project requires more than first-class technical equipment. On-time and cost-efficient project implementation can only work through the best cooperation of all stakeholders. Thanks to decades of experienced and the magnificent know-how of our project managers, we always find the appropriate complete solution even for specialized demands.

        Projects in China, including large hydropower plants and pumped storage plants

          • Three Gorges Hydropower Station
          22.5 million kilowatts
          • Xiluodu Hydropower Station
          13.86 million kilowatts
          • Wudongde Hydropower Station
          10.2 million kilowatts
          • Longtan Hydropower Station
          6.3 million kilowatts
          • Nuozhadu Hydropower Station
          5.85 million kilowatts
          • Jinping Hydropower Station
          4.8 million kilowatts
          • Xiaowan Hydropower Station
          4.2 million kilowatts
          • Laxiwa Hydropower Station
          4.2 million kilowatts
          • Changlongshan Pumped Storage Power Station
          2.1 million kilowatts
          • Guanzhou Pumped Storage Power Station Phase II
          1.2 million kilowatts
          • Jiangxi Hongping Pumped Storage Power Station
          1.2 million kilowatts
          • Shandong Tai’an Pumped Storage Power Station
          1 million kilowatts

          VHEC Shanghai

            Voith Hydro Engineering Center (VHEC) International consists of five centers of excellence in Brunnenmühle, Heidenheim an der Brenz (Germany); São Paulo (Brazil); Vasterås (Sweden); York, Pennsylvania (USA); and Shanghai (China). As the center of main inlet valve competence, VHEC Shanghai performs the system engineering of main inlet valves for the markets of Voith Hydro Shanghai and also for international markets of other operating units in cooperation with VHEC Heidenheim. 


              Voith Hydro Shanghai is located beside the Huangpu River, 700 meters away from its own harbor, which is equipped with a crane capable of lifting up to 600 tons. This ensures that any large turbine and generator components, including the stay ring, head cover, rotor center and stator frame, can be transported by ship, thus significantly reducing the difficulty of transport and increasing time efficiency. 

              Voith Hydro in China


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