Board Machines

From packaging to advertising medium

Board Machines

The range of use of board

    As the base material for a range of high-quality packaging options, cardboard is omnipresent. As a leading manufacturer, our board machines offer excellent formation, maximum dry contents, optimum web guiding and superlative runnability.

    Board plays an especially large role as packaging in the modern world. Beverages, shoes, alcoholic drinks, toys, cigarettes and cosmetics – they are all packaged in various grades of board, and they all have different requirements for the board’s raw material. The wide range of products made of cardboard and the many ways it can be manufactured, combined and used are greater today than ever before.

    The fitting board for every application

    It protects its contents, such as medicines and foodstuffs, from the effects of weather, dirt and damage. Board is used for storage and also performs a selling and advertising function by drawing attention to its content. In production, board is primarily distinguished from packaging paper by the number of plies, the raw materials used and the finishing processes such as coating and calendering. Due to its function and characteristics, board is usually produced from fresh fibers or from a mixture of secondary fibers, pulp or mechanical wood pulp. But there are also grades that are produced from up to 100% recovered paper.

    We know the challenges in board production

    Voith is a leading manufacturer of board machines and offers solutions to meet the stringent demands of board production, such as excellent formation, maximum dry content with optimum sheet guiding and the highest level of machine runability. Our solutions take account of the entire manufacturing process from pulp production through stock preparation to roll packaging. We work sustainably and continuously on improving the ecologically and economically efficient processes and machines for board production.

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    Engineered for success

      Gruvoen BM7 in Sweden supplied by Voith Paper

      Gruvön BM 7 – The world's most modern board machine

      On June 28, 2019, the BM 7 was successfully commissioned at the BillerudKorsnäs production facility in Gruvön, Sweden. With its high-end components, the Voith XcelLine board machine doesn't just define the latest stae-of -the-art installation. Thanks to the large degree of component interconnectedness and extensive monitoring of all process data, it is actually pointing the way to the digital future of the paper industry.
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      Voith builds new XcelLine board machine for Bohui Paper Group

      Voith builds new XcelLine board machine for Bohui Paper Group

      In February 2017 Bohui Paper Group contracted Voith to supply a new board machine. The BM 4 will be built at Dafeng in the Chinese province Jiangsu and following completion will be one of the largest board machines in the world. Voith will supply the complete XcelLine process line from wet end process to winder. This reduces the number of interfaces for the customer to a minimum and provides cost transparency for the entire project.

      Voith Paper Infinity ToughLine

      Infinity ToughLine: Time savings of 50 percent when changing fabrics

      The Infinity ToughLine press fabric maintains its consistently high void volume even when exposed to high line load and substantial degree of wear. A constant water flow guarantees consistent performance over the entire life of the fabric.


      XcelLine - the new generation of paper machines by Voith

      Sun Paper was rewarded with paper on reel months ahead of schedule. Such breakthroughs are setting standards not only in China, but also on a global scale.
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      Successful rebuild of R.D.M.'s BM 3 in Arnsberg, Germany

      R.D.M. could reduce costs and improve quality and productivity on their BM 3 after completion of the rebuild project with Voith. Increased production speeds and the decreasing quality of the waste paper used as raw material made the rebuild necessary to produce as cost-efficient as possible. Together with Voith, R.D.M. Arnsberg developed the cost-efficient rebuild concept to set‐up production for the future which was realized with this machine upgrade.

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          As a system vendor we aim to support our customers throughout the entire value creation process, so we are expanding our service locations worldwide, adapting our range of services to customer needs and also adopting new approaches to service with Papermaking 4.0.

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            Press section

            Press Section

            The higher the dry content of the paper web after leaving the press section, the less energy has to be expended in subsequent drying. A high initial wet strength of the moist paper web after leaving the press also leads to a lower number of breaks, especially in the first dryer groups.

            Board | Paper machine | Press section
            Press concepts

            Voith's press concepts include the proven NipcoFlex shoe press technology and guarantee best dewatering and paper surface properties.

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            Board | Paper machine | Press section
            Web stabilizer

            Voith web stabilizers provide optimum web stabilization and tail threading in the press and dryer section.

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            • Fabrics


            Board | Paper machine | Press section | Fabrics
            Highly durable press fabrics: Infinity

            The Voith Infinity press fabric family guarantee with its unique and qualitative structure best material properties. How this high-end technology works.

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            • Optimization


            Board | Paper machine | Press section | Optimization

            Voith’s CleanLine offers a complete range of cleaning systems to cover every section of your paper machine.

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            Board | Paper machine | Press section | Optimization

            FilmLube ensures uniform Uhle box lubrication at all times; thereby achieving even press felt conditioning, water savings and improved paper quality.

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            Board | Paper machine | Press section | Optimization
            Performance increasing upgrade solutions for suction rolls

            HydroSeal - the first to provide the option of dispensing with the conventional lubricating shower for any suction roll.

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            • Press sleeves

            Press sleeves

            Board | Paper machine | Press section | Press sleeves
            QualiFlex press sleeves

            With Voith QualiFlex you always get the optimum press sleeve – tailored to your paper grade and the specific requirements of your paper machine.

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            • Tail threading

            Tail threading

            Board | Paper machine | Press section | Tail threading
            Tail Threading and Cutting

            PrevoSystems from Voith are fully automated threading and cutting systems. They ensure safety, reliable threading processes and short threading times.

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