Papermaking Vision

The paper production line of the future

From stock preparation to reel section, Voith’s innovative design concept defines the paper production of the future.

Our vision takes account of all important aspects for a well-balanced overall concept. The maintenance and operation of the facility are simplified, a higher degree of interconnectedness reduces interfaces, a more appealing design ensures a consistent overall look, while at the same time efficiency, safety and sustainability are improved.

Dr. Michael Trefz, President Projects bei Voith Paper
Our goal is a significant improvement in the efficiency and ease of maintenance of the production line. The Clean Design of the machine in particular will result in an even more efficient and smoother production process. The ease of maintenance is optimized by a more convenient user experience, with a particular focus on the human-machine interface. The standardized, intuitive and at the same time adaptive operating concept provides operators with the best possible support in all work steps.
Dr. Michael Trefz, President Division Projects at Voith Paper

More sustainability

    • Lower water consumption
    • Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions
    • Reduction of fiber losses

    AquaLine Zero Wassermanagementsystem von Voith
    Thanks to the AquaLine Zero water management system, all the process water (100%) used in paper production can be treated and returned to the production process, which closes the water loop.

    To ensure that our customers can make even better use of the valuable feedstock of primary fibers, we are constantly refining and improving the components of our BlueLine stock preparation system. For example, an optical monitoring system on the rejects belt could identify fiber content and flakes and use these data to optimize downstream processes to minimize fiber loss. Thanks to these kinds of innovations, paper will contain an increasingly larger proportion of recycling fibers without compromising on quality.

    Closed water loops are already a reality today, as treated and filtered water from the process is being re-used. This is the key to a significant reduction in water consumption during paper manufacturing. Our vision is to constantly reduce fresh water consumption to an even greater extent.

    Another priority is to reduce energy consumption.  Our BlueLine stock preparation systems already use up to 20 percent less energy in the DIP process than standard systems. In the OCC process the energy reduction is as much as 25 percent.  And thanks to the use of a new kind of pyrolysis process, it may be possible in future, for example, to provide some of the thermal energy required by recovering thermal energy from biomass, without emitting CO2 in the process. A first model system for this process is set to be launched soon.

    In addition, Papermaking 4.0 not only offers a lot of tools for increasing efficiency and quality, but also helps to reduce the resources that your facility uses. Because sustainability in the paper manufacturing process can only be optimized efficiently if all cycles, consumption data and interdependencies are taken into account.

    Winner German Sustainability Award
    German Sustainability Award Design 2023
    Winner of prestigious award

    Voith Paper's XcelLine paper machines won the third German Sustainability Award (DNP) in the Design competition, Vision category. Already today, Voith's XcelLine paper machines are characterized by significantly reduced energy consumption, increased utilization of the paper fiber's potential, and significantly reduced water consumption. Voith Paper's visionary design study for the paper production of the future strives for CO2-neutral paper production that relies on alternative energy sources and does not require fossil fuels. 

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    More attractive design

      • More modern look
      • Uncluttered overall appearance

      Ansprechenderes Design

      In future, Voith’s expertise as a full-line supplier is also set to be reflected in the design of a plant. From stock preparation unit through paper machine to winder, streamlined structures, high-quality surface finishes, modern materials and specifically selected machine illumination underline the special quality of a Voith production line. All along the XcelLine paper machine, a uniform cladding and continuous walkways are designed to create an uncluttered look.

      Focus Open 2022 Baden-Württemberg International Design Silver Award
      Award-winning design

      Design experts have awarded the new InfibraFiner refiner from Voith with the Focus Open 2022 Baden-Württemberg International Design Award in silver. In line with our Papermaking Vision, the focus was on an attractive appearance, optimized user interfaces and a ‘clean design’.

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      Easier operation

        • Standardized, intuitive and adaptive operating concept
        • Status display with SmartLight
        • Better illuminated work areas

        Simple, reliable, intuitive: new concepts make the control and monitoring of paper production easier and more efficient than ever. On a standardized user interface you have an overview of all processes from stock preparation to reel. In this context, the human-machine interface uses a role-based operating concept to adapt to the individual task of the user, whereby each user can configure their own work area to ideally meet their requirements or use our established layout.

        Press Release

        The preparation and representation of relevant data and KPIs will play an increasingly important role. This is made possible by self-configured dashboards and reports, whether in the control room, on office PCs or mobile devices. All information is available to the user wherever they need it at the time.

        The smartphone has shown us how simple and intuitive communication between humans and machines makes many areas of everyday life more efficient. In the industrial environment too, machines will in future make all the relevant data and functions a user needs to do their job available via mobile devices, for example, with an attractive and adaptive design.
        Oliver Kunerth, Digital Product Manager

        Easy-to-see SmartLights on individual system components also ensure more efficiency. They show you the status of the machine and if applicable, whether operator intervention is necessary. Optimized lighting of important work areas reduces the potential for errors, simplifies maintenance work and is also part of the user-friendly operating concept.

        Höherer Komfort im Betrieb

        More autonomy

          • Continuous process monitoring
          • Higher degree of automation
          • Self-optimizing production line

          Voith's OnQuality Scanner Vision - Paper Quality Measurement of the future.

          Sensors, field devices, scanners and actuators are already making a wealth of data available to your paper mill and form the basis for comprehensive real-time analyses. In future, however, the data will also enable very fast and reliable responses to changes in condition, which therefore minimizes downtimes because maintenance and servicing can be optimized pro-actively.

          In future, digital instrumentation applications will be more widespread and so will be able to achieve more, as they interact with one another and respond to changes autonomously. Intelligent algorithms then ensure that the system optimizes processes autonomously. 

          More interconnectedness

            • Standardized operating platform for all functions
            • Cloud-based data storage and analysis
            • Direct interface to service experts and other apps

            Höherer Vernetzungsgrad

            More complex does not mean more complicated. On the contrary! You can control and monitor all system functions via a platform, and optimize them with the help of data from the cloud. However, in our design concept this platform is also a networked interface to all service functions like ordering spare parts via the webshop, the remote service center OnPerformance.Lab, the video support for troubleshooting OnCall.Video, and many other applications that facilitate more efficient and sustainable production.

            More efficiency

              • Cost-saving operation
              • Optimized functionality
              • High level of availability
              • Improved access
              • Increased cleanliness

              Mehr Effizienz

              Resource savings, lower maintenance costs or greater autonomy are important building blocks on the road to more efficient paper manufacturing. And Papermaking 4.0 is the key. The Papermaking 4.0 apps provide optimum support to machine operators, paper technologists and maintenance personnel, so that they can focus completely on their core task, which is to produce paper efficiently in the right quality. Because these digital tools monitor the condition of the system at all times as well as the quality of the manufacturing process, identifying and reporting every deviation from the standard. In combination with highly efficient and reliable machines, unscheduled and costly downtimes are minimized.

              Special attention has been paid to increasing cleanliness in the wet end by implementing ‘clean design’. Less fouling reduces the risk of unscheduled downtimes due to web breaks. Consequently, operational reliability and machine efficiency are improved. Even scheduled shutdowns are completed more efficiently thanks to more accessible work areas and simpler maintenance procedures. 

              More safety

                • Optimization of occupational safety
                • Reliable cyber security

                Mehr Sicherheit

                Well-illuminated work areas, wide walkways without landings, or stairways with lower step heights and glazed handrails don’t just improve the look of the machine. They are also elements of a comprehensive concept to make working on your production line safer.

                Equally, Voith is working with its own security operations team of highly qualified experts to ensure, for example, that you can be confident that all your sensitive data on the dataPARC cloud.Platform will always remain exclusively in your possession. You decide how you access your data and control it for the respective application. In this context, Voith is combining maximum privacy, cyber security and top-rate infrastructure with its in-depth industry experience to help you navigate your digital future as our customer.

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                    The theme of the sixth issue of our customer magazine is Discover! We put the spotlight on projects and products which as part of the Voith Paper strategy underpin our differentiation criteria “full-line supplier”, “sustainability” and “efficiency”.

                    Papermaking Vision: Voith creates visionary design study for the paper production line of the future

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