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Graphic Paper Machines

All information has its value – and its paper

Graphic Paper Machines

The range of use of graphic papers

    For hundreds of years, graphic paper has been a carrier of information. Voith's high-speed machines make it a global leader, especially in the area of newsprint and magazine paper.

    For centuries, the great merit of graphic paper as a carrier of information has been as a storage medium for knowledge. All information is valuable, no doubt, but the paper on which it is printed can sometimes vary greatly.

    From newspaper to high-gloss magazine

    As a rule, mass products such as newsprint are produced with a large portion of recovered paper, often due to their short-lived topicality and for reasons of cost. By contrast, magazine paper has high requirements regarding appearance, both visual and sometimes even tactile. For this reason, the portion of fresh fibers in the paper suspension usually predominates. But more and more frequently, such high-quality paper is being produced with a large portion of recovered paper. Voith’s deinking technology plays a big role here: The raw material for new paper can be provided from recovered paper in the thousands of tons.

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        Nextlevel online is the news portal for the paper industry by Voith Paper. We provide up-to-date information about paper manufacturing and paper technology.

        Engineered for success

          Voith modernizes Braviken PM 53

          Voith completed the rebuild of Holmen Paper’s PM 53 in Braviken, Sweden, from newsprint to magazine papers and successfully commissioned the modified machine. Since the upgrade, Holmen Paper has been producing its newly developed SC paper.
          Successful upgrade to SC papers

          Services and products for papermaking

            As a system vendor we aim to support our customers throughout the entire value creation process, so we are expanding our service locations worldwide, adapting our range of services to customer needs and also adopting new approaches to service with Papermaking 4.0.

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              Coating & sizing

              Coating & Sizing

              For demanding print results that are brilliant in detail, very closed and smooth surfaces are required. As this cannot be obtained optimally with even highly calendered uncoated papers, the corresponding papers or paper boards are upgraded through a coat application.

              Graphical papers | Paper machine | Coating & sizing

              DynaCoat is a direct coating unit mainly used for blade coating and provides the highest surface smoothness and most excellent gloss values.

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              Graphical papers | Paper machine | Coating & sizing

              DynaLayer, Voith's latest curtain coater, enables excellent application of color with an unprecedented design that works completely without enclosure.

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              Graphical papers | Paper machine | Coating & sizing

              The Voith SpeedFlow coating unit provides ideal film application due to its multi-jet nozzles giving optimum availability.

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              Graphical papers | Paper machine | Coating & sizing
              SpeedSizer AT

              SpeedSizer AT applies the film uniformly and flawlessly, thereby improving paper characteristics, penetration and surface coverage.

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              • Optimization


              Graphical papers | Paper machine | Coating & sizing | Optimization

              Voith’s CleanLine offers a complete range of cleaning systems to cover every section of your paper machine.

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              • Tail threading

              Tail threading

              Graphical papers | Paper machine | Coating & sizing | Tail threading
              Tail Threading and Cutting

              PrevoSystems from Voith are fully automated threading and cutting systems. They ensure safety, reliable threading processes and short threading times.

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              • Air Systems

              Air Systems

              Graphical papers | Paper machine | Coating & sizing | Air Systems
              Air systems for paper production

              Voith has developed a complete range of ventilation solutions for new machines as well as existing systems for the paper industry.

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