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Packaging Paper Machines

Great packaging that conserves resources

Packaging Paper Machines

The range of use of packaging papers

    In an era of growing e-commerce, packaging paper is becoming increasingly important. As a full-line supplier for packaging paper machines we provide efficient yet resource-conserving solutions, such as production based on 100 percent recovered paper.

    Together with board, packaging paper constitutes the largest portion of packaging material, even more than glass, metal or plastic. It is multi-purpose, clean and flexible.

    Packaging accounts for about half of all worldwide paper consumption

    Among the types of packaging paper are all kinds of corrugated cardboard, kraft paper for paper bags and classic brown packaging paper, as well as the cover layers of plasterboard. As a rule, a high portion of recovered paper is common to all of them. They perform important functions in merchandise management: protection from damage during transport and storage, as information carriers or purely for image enhancement.

    For this reason, the quality and functionality requirements that packaging paper has to meet differ widely. Generally, worldwide demand for paper, cardboard and paperboard for packaging applications is rising steadily. Nowadays, packaging accounts for about half of all worldwide paper consumption.

    At the same time, the industry is facing the challenge of constantly having to adapt packaging papers to current trends in design, ecological compatibility, protective and advertising functions. In the process, numerous conditions have to be considered, such as the suitability and compatibility of the materials for the packaged goods, statutory regulations on hygiene, packaging regulation provisions, marketing aspects, and of course, cost. In this context, we work with our customers to provide tailor-made solutions for each application.

    We are experts for packaging paper machines

    As a single-source supplier for packaging paper machines, we also focus on efficient and resource-conserving solutions, such as production based on 100 percent recovered paper. By working closely with our customers, we repeatedly achieve breakthroughs in machine speed and grammage. For our customers, this has a clear economic benefit, as more goods can be produced in a shorter time.

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      News from the world of paper

        Nextlevel online is the news portal for the paper industry by Voith Paper. We provide up-to-date information about paper manufacturing and paper technology.

        Engineered for success

          From newsprint to packaging paper: Voith and LEIPA set new benchmark with the PM 5 in Schwedt

          In Schwedt, Voith has converted the LEIPA Group’s PM 5 from a newsprint to a packaging paper machine. On 19 April 2018, the acceptance and handover of the machine of the Schwedt PM 5 project was signed early at LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH, with effect on 13 April. As a result, the Voith team on site managed to bring the entire machine, consisting of a BlueLine OCC stock preparation line, DIP stock preparation line and XcelLine paper machine up to handover quality just 19 days after ‘stock on wire’.

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          Schoellershammer PM 6 gets off to a great start

          In December 2016, the new PM 6 packaging paper machine went into operation at Schoellershammer in Düren, Germany. It is designed to produce light corrugated base board. In response to the question of why the company opted for Voith to supply the technology, Schoellershammer Managing Director Armin Vetter mentioned two reasons: 'It was important for us to get a full-line supplier on board who could deliver everything from a single source, from the conveyor system for the recovered paper to the winder. Voith submitted a convincing package in the shape of BlueLine for the stock preparation and the new XcelLine paper machine.'

          Rebuild of Jass Schwarza PM 1

          Production increase thanks to web stabilization and "Clean Design"

          In September 2015, Voith rebuilt the dryer section of PM 1 at the Adolf Jass paper mill in Schwarza, Rudolstadt. The aim of the rebuild was to increase the maximum production speed for low grammages from 1,400 to 1,500 m/min and at the same time maintain the already excellent machine efficiency.

          Services and products for papermaking

            As a system vendor we aim to support our customers throughout the entire value creation process, so we are expanding our service locations worldwide, adapting our range of services to customer needs and also adopting new approaches to service with Papermaking 4.0.

            Social media news

              Dryer section

              Dryer Section

              In the dryer section, the remaining water is evaporated by the supply of heat energy. In this case the paper web is led over dryers that are heated from the inside by means of steam. At the end of the drying process, the paper has a residual moisture of approximately 2% to 9 % depending on the grade.

              Packaging papers | Paper machine | Dryer section
              Drying concepts

              Drying concepts consist of a defined number of steam-heated drying cylinders in direct contact with the wet paper leading to a curl-free paper.

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              Packaging papers | Paper machine | Dryer section
              Web stabilizer

              Voith web stabilizers provide optimum web stabilization and tail threading in the press and dryer section.

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              • Non-contact drying

              Non-contact drying

              Packaging papers | Paper machine | Dryer section | Non-contact drying
              Non-Contact Drying and Guiding

              For decades, Voith has been dedicated to non-contact drying and web guiding, being today's only provider of the entire range of those components.

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              • Optimization


              Packaging papers | Paper machine | Dryer section | Optimization

              Voith’s CleanLine offers a complete range of cleaning systems to cover every section of your paper machine.

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              • Tail threading

              Tail threading

              Packaging papers | Paper machine | Dryer section | Tail threading
              Tail Threading and Cutting

              PrevoSystems from Voith are fully automated threading and cutting systems. They ensure safety, reliable threading processes and short threading times.

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              • Air Systems

              Air Systems

              Packaging papers | Paper machine | Dryer section | Air Systems
              Dew point control system – hood ventilation technology

              The dew point control system hood ventilation technology controls the supply and exhaust air quantities in the dryer section, thus reducing the amount of air and fresh steam required.

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              Packaging papers | Paper machine | Dryer section | Air Systems

              The Voith EcoHood dryer section hood encloses the dryer section in a special housing that still allows access for operation and maintenance at the highest level of safety.

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              Packaging papers | Paper machine | Dryer section | Air Systems
              Hoods and machine ventilation technology

              The hood and associated machine ventilation system form the core of each drying section. The dewpoint of the hood has a direct impact on the energy costs for drying.

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              Packaging papers | Paper machine | Dryer section | Air Systems
              Steam and condensate systems

              Voith has the right steam and condensate system for your production modification, process-engineering adaptation or optimizing the energy use of your system.

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