Mechanical Engineering

How to Transmit 15 Million Newton Meters?

Ideally with a Hirth Coupling from Voith

The component has a diameter of 1 100 millimeters and weighs 800 kilograms. It is the largest Hirth coupling developed by Voith so far. It transmits a torque of 15 million Newton meters. Sounds enormous? It is enormous! As enormous as 41 600 Formula One racing cars simultaneously reaching their torque of 360 Newton meters.

A classic example of German engineering

The Hirth coupling is a form-locking connection from shaft to shaft - solid but detachable. It was invented at the beginning of the 20th century by Albert Hirth who is also responsible for numerous other innovations. It is a classic example of Germany engineering. Even today it is absolutely indispensable in machine building. And certainly within the portfolio of Voith.

Strong teeth between shafts

The strength of the Hirth coupling lies in its ability to transmit high torques at comparably low diameters. It connects and positions shafts, discs, wheels and cranks with an accuracy of one to two arc seconds.