Voith technologies ensure sustainable urban mobility

Provable contributions to a sustainable development

Our aspiration

    Voith defined sustainability as a company value and aims to be an industry-wide catalyst.

    As a family-owned company we are committed to environmentally friendly, fair, long-term business practices. Furthermore, we intend to create measurable added value for the sustainable development of our company, society, and the environment. The goal we set ourselves regarding the way we conduct business is also correspondingly high: We want to make Voith the benchmark in sustainability issues.

    President and CEO
    Industrial sustainability is our business model. In this way, we make a decisive contribution to a climate-neutral industry and at the same time secure our growth.
    Dr. Toralf Haag, President and CEO

    We repeatedly put our sustainability performance to the test. The independent rating agency ISS ESG gave Voith a B- rating for the first time in 2021, making it one of the best companies in the machinery and plant engineering sector worldwide. Based on more than 100 criteria, Voith's performance in the environmental, social and corporate governance areas was rated above average. Ratings like these are also playing an increasingly important role for banks. In this way, ecological and social improvements lead to concrete economic benefits - that's what sustainable action is all about.

    ISS ESG Prime Status

    Our contribution to climate protection and resource conservation

      Since January 2022, we are operating carbon neutrally at all locations worldwide

      Voith takes responsibility and provably drives the decarbonization of the industry. As a reliable partner, the company supports customers in reducing their carbon footprint. The Voith Group itself is already operating net climate-neutrally at all global locations since 2022 and is thus a pioneer in the plant and mechanical engineering sector worldwide.

      hydropower climate positive
      Provable contribution to decarbonization

      "Sustainable technologies for future generations" - that has always been Voith's DNA. In recent years, Voith has aligned its entire business model with this. All three divisions contribute to the decarbonization of the industry with their products and services. By using Voith products, more CO2 emissions are avoided than emitted. The Voith products launched in fiscal year 2019/20 avoid almost 3 million tons of CO2 annually. This compares with around 2.2 million tons of CO2 emissions - as confirmed by TÜV.

      Montafone hydro power Voith Hydro
      Shaping the future with hydropower

      Voith Hydro is active in hydropower, the planet's most important renewable energy source. As a proven, mature, predictable and competitive technology, it combines unrivaled high efficiency with an extremely long, reliable plant life and low emissions. Thus, hydropower makes an indispensable contribution to a stable and low-emission power supply worldwide.

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      Papermachine Voith resseourceefficient
      Closed loops for resource-conserving production

      Voith Paper is a leading full-line supplier of products for the papermaking process. Through innovative treatment technologies and closed water loops that enable a wastewater-free papermaking process, Voith Paper sets standards in the field of resource-conserving paper production.

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      wind power ELIN
      Innovative drive technologies for more sustainability

      Voith Turbo offers innovative drive systems and solutions to meet the need for greater efficiency and sustainability. Among other things, Voith is forcing its way into the wind power market through the acquisition of the Voith subsidiary ELIN Motoren GmbH and cooperation agreements with international wind turbine manufacturers.

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      Our focus areas


        Clear values define the way we conduct business: We are innovative, reliable, fair, sustainable, and ambitious. Our values, and the guidelines we derive from them, ensure that Voith acts according to a unified set of business principles and a consistent philosophy worldwide.

        Responsibility for Society

        We see ourselves as a company that plays an active social role – something that has been part of our DNA ever since we were founded. We focus on the areas of sports, education, social affairs, and culture.


        Voith aims to identify ecological and economic potentials for improving our production processes and to minimize the environmental impacts of our operational activities.


        Voith’s greatest strength is our capable and motivated employees. In order to meet the complex market requirements of our modern economy, we promote innovation and support the acquisition of new competencies.


        Voith wants to be a catalyst of a decarbonized industry. To this end, we provide solutions for the use of the renewable energy source hydropower, deliver paper production facilities that make efficient use of resources, and work on systematic drivetrain electrification as well as alternative drives to facilitate eco-friendly mobility.

        Supply Chain

        Our fundamental principles on resource conservation, environmen­tal and social responsibility are anchored in our Purchasing strategy and the process descriptions in the Voith Purchasing Manual, right across all our supply chains.

        Transparent actions

          With this new sustainability report we are once again making our actions transparent. After all, our stakeholders decide whether our sustainability measures are successful: Their assessment forms the benchmark for our actions, as this reflects the effectiveness of our activities in the respective fields of action.


            If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

            Corporate Sustainability Team