Voith uses now its extensive know-how to drive digital transformation afforded by Industry 4.0.


Digitalization is transforming industry in an unprecedented way

    By “Industry 4.0,” we mean networked production, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or the use of artificial intelligence. Following the mechanization through water and steam power, the use of electrification and conveyor belts to facilitate mass production and the introduction of electronics and IT, we are now experiencing the fourth industrial revolution.

    It will fundamentally change how we live and work, manufacture goods, travel in our world and how we sustainably shape and maintain planet Earth. Voith is a globally active technology company with a long and successful history, specializing in various markets: For more than 150 years we have been developing sustainable technologies for future generations. We will continue to do so, aided in no small part by the achievements of Digitalization. Digitalization in industry encompasses all stages of the value-added chain – from development, through production, to brand-new business models. Find out about our range of digital products!

    Drive solutions for mobility and industry

      Voith specializes in intelligent solutions and systems on the road, on rails, on water and in industrial applications. We supply the basis for the reliable transport of millions of people, goods and raw materials – every day throughout the entire world, both in megacities and rural areas. With our technologies, we drive the global mobility revolution and support our customers’ ambitious goals.

      The future of mobility is digital

      Pilotfish offers an open Vehicle Communication Platform and Fleet Management Applications to Public Transport Customers.

      In view of continuing population growth and advancing urbanization, electrifying mobility is among the central parameters for improving the local and global carbon footprint and for drastically reducing CO2-emissions in cities. As a result, an increasing number of operators in public urban transportation rely entirely on the use of electric buses. In tandem with the latest digital solutions for efficient fleet management, Voith makes a crucial contribution on the road to more sustainable urban public transportation.

      To meet our challenging climate goals, it is essential to make railroad freight service more efficient. With innovative locomotive and freight car couplers, as well as real-time status monitoring, Voith is laying the foundations for its automation and digitalization.

      Digitalization will also fully reform shipping. Voith is working on this in various research and pilot projects together with international partners. For example, autonomous ferry service is being tested on inland German waters to reduce fuel costs and increase safety. In addition, intelligent route planning increases efficiency and saves resources.

      Learn more about the Voith Electrical Drive System!

      Digital efficiency and precision for the industry

      Voith increases efficiency in mining with powerful drive systems and digital applications, such as the level condition & energy monitoring system BeltGenius ERIC

      Among other things, we develop and deliver state-of-the-art technology for the oil & gas and energy sectors and provide manufacturers with components and systems to meet the high requirements in metal and steel production. In addition, we increase efficiency in mining with powerful drive systems and digital applications. A prime example of this is the digital twin BeltGenius ERIC.

      The data-supported simulation of entire conveyor systems can drastically reduce downtimes with an accuracy in excess of 99 percent. To utilize this digital twin, our experts only need to analyze the physical properties and parameters of a system. This is sufficient to calculate in real time the system’s indicator of energy efficiency (EnPI) and to determine if and when unplanned downtimes are a threat. Before a machine is sold, designed and finally built, the twin can be used to test and explore it – if desired, with the help of virtual reality technology.

      Learn more about the BeltGenius product family!

      Papermaking 4.0

        Paper manufacturing is a costly process. Due to the growing price pressure, manufacturers are constantly faced with new challenges in order to remain competitive. This requires increasingly complex systems in order to maximize efficiency along the entire value chain – usually across several production sites. Voith meets these requirements with digital technologies that optimize the manufacturing process and significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtimes.

        Digitalization of paper production at Voith means implementing data-driven manufacturing and thus achieving higher productivity and profitability.

        As a technology leader and pioneer in the paper industry, the division supplies technologies, products and services for the entire paper manufacturing process from a single source – from packaging, tissue and board to graphic and specialty papers.

        For us, the digitalization of paper production means identifying innovative manufacturing methods across the entire value chain by making data-based decisions and thus achieving higher productivity and profitability.

        With Voith as a full-line supplier, our customers benefit from a broad service portfolio for all sections of the paper manufacturing process. To further push the envelope, we have invented intelligent paper production – Papermaking 4.0. For this, we network equipment with virtual systems to enable machines to communicate with each other, thus providing the ideal basis for predictive maintenance and data-driven business models.

        As an innovation leader, Voith equips you for intelligent and sustainable paper production. We work with you to develop individual product and service solutions that are precisely tailored to the challenges of the market.

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        Digital hydropower solutions

          Almost no power generation technology is as old as hydropower – and yet virtually no other issue is as modern, reliable and sustainable. But we do not just leave it at that. We pave the way for our customers to profit from digitalization. Using intelligent hydropower.

          Voith digital hydropower solutions ensure optimization of operation and maintenance of the plants

          The globally increasing demand for energy coupled with increasing competition and cost pressure requires both increased efficiency and effectiveness from hydropower plant operators. We can offer you both with our platforms and applications and help you generate, analyze and process the required data. The goal: More efficiency and safety, less downtime. With the digital tools from the Voith OnCare portfolio, individual solutions can be developed to intelligently optimize both maintenance and operation of hydro power plants.

          A salient example of intelligent solutions in networked production is OnCare.Acoustic, which is based on the dataPARC cloud platform. The system literally listens at the source for anomalies in hydropower plants, evaluates deviations in real time using algorithms and, in this way, helps to predictively maintain systems and minimize unplanned shutdowns.

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          Digital opportunities – get started now!

            With our experience of more than 150 years of industrial history, we are technology leaders in the hydropower, paper and drive solution markets. We also use our domain knowledge to implement digital transformation, both for ourselves and our customers.

            Voith helped shape the first industrial revolutions and will make a crucial impact on the fourth. Digitalization helps protect precious resources. Intelligent systems and services based on data platforms like our dataPARC cloud information hub secure the future and competitiveness of our customers.

            At Voith, we see the great challenges of the present and the future as opportunities. We provide solutions for the automation and digitalization of hydropower, papermaking and mobility, as they will play a crucial role in digital transformation.

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