Power Plants

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High-Precision Control and Drive Technology for Power Generators

Turbine control technology for a steam power plant for district heating - Voith control systems convince by their combination of high performance, ultra-precision and speed.

It is like a car racing towards a wall at 200 kilometers per hour and then hitting the brakes and stopping exactly one centimeter away from the wall. And then does the same again and again. Of course this is just an example, but it describes quite accurately what a Voith control system can do: regulating huge forces precisely, within three-and-a -half milliseconds and by a tenth of a hair's breadth. Repeatable at any time.

Highly efficient, highly accurate and extremely fast

This combination of speed, power and accuracy is indeed unique at this level of quality. This is why Voith control and drive technology stands out. A key decision factor, especially in energy generation. Because it is exactly this kind of ultra-precise control that is needed for regulating the output of gas and steam turbines. It ultimately determines how much power is generated. Control systems such as these are used in gas, steam or combined-cycle power stations operating with biomass, natural gas, blast-furnace gas or hard coal.

Robust and reliable

Long-term reliability is everything. For example: if there is a production stop in a district heat plant, all those dependent on it can look for their blankets. This is the reason why the control process is subject to such high scrutiny. It has to be insensitive - for example towards impurities of the operating medium oil. A turbine manufacturer recently summarized it like this: "The technology must be so robust that it can even run with waste water if required." The Voith control system obviously met his expectations, because he decided in its favor - and stuck with it.

High customer satisfaction leads to long-term cooperation

Voith enjoys this level of customer satisfaction across the board: nearly every project has developed into long-term cooperation. Voith service technicians frequently carry out maintenance work for turbine manufacturers directly at the power stations. This pays off - for all concerned: it has happened that power station operators placed orders with specific turbine manufacturers because of Voith. Where and when? Somewhere in Louisiana.