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Voith GmbH is firmly rooted here in Heidenheim on the eastern Swabian Alb. In 1825, Johann Matthäus Voith of Heidenheim started out by employing five workers when he took over his father's locksmith shop. Today, our company is a group with a global footprint.

Voith's Heidenheim location is the town’s largest employer. Flexible working hours, facilities such as our "Kindervilla" company kindergarten, the Silcherschule children's home, and our staff restaurant highlight the attractiveness of the Voith location, one which is steeped in tradition.

Voith GmbH has four Group Divisions that are all represented in Heidenheim: Voith Paper, Voith Turbo, Voith Hydro and Voith Digital Solutions. The group holding with its central functions is also located in Heidenheim.


Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA
St. Pöltener Straße 43
89522 Heidenheim
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Voith GmbH
St. Pöltener Straße 43
89522 Heidenheim
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Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA
Corporate Communications
89522 Heidenheim
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J.M. Voith GmbH & Co. KG
St. Pöltener Straße 43
89522 Heidenheim
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Voith Turbo
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Voith Paper
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Voith Hydro GmbH & Co. KG
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Voith Digital Solutions

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Voith Assekuranz Vermittlung GmbH
St. Pöltener Straße 43
89522 Heidenheim
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Research and development at the Heidenheim facilities

Since 1908 the Brunnenmühle has been the world-wide research and development center for hydropower.
Heidenheim has been the home of the "Brunnenmühle" since 1908, the world-wide research and development center for hydro power.

Voith Turbo develops ship propulsions, hydrostatic pumps, cardan shafts, hydrodynamic drives for rail cars as well as automatic transmissions, vibration dampers and start-up components for commercial vehicles.

In Heidenheim, Voith Paper operates numerous test facilities and a test paper machine. Stock preparation systems, paper machine concepts, coating processes and calenders are developed and tested here. Voith engineers are working on the paper machine components of the future here.



Top level occupational training – since more than 100 years.

Training on ultra-modern CNC machines at the Voith training center
Voith is investing in the future. With several dual degree programmes and more than 13 job trainings in the technical, industrial and commercial area, Voith offers many opportunities for school leavers in Heidenheim.

Education has a long tradition at Voith. Already 100 years ago, young people were trained and supported in their development. Our training and dual degree programmes are based on this long experience. Today we offer exciting assignments in many areas of the company.

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The Location

  • established 1867
  • 4 000 employees 

Products & Services

  • graphic paper machines 
  • paper machine components 
  • Hirth couplings 
  • hydrostatic pumps
  • cardan shafts
  • ship propulsions
  • hydrodynamic drives
  • mechanic drives
  • start-up components
  • vibration dampers
  • automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles
  • manufacturing and service facilities for automation, welding, grinding and shop assembly

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Voith is a global provider of leading-edge technology and industrial services. Voith offers ist customers a broad portfolio of systems, products and services that serve the five essential markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive.

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