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Locations in the United Kingdom

Voith Paper in Manchester

    Aerial view Voith Paper location in Manchester

    The history of Voith Paper in Manchester dates back to 1910, when the company was founded under the name Hunt & Moscorp Limited. In 1956, the company moved to its current location in Manchester. After 90 years of business activity, the company was taken over by Voith in 2000. The Manchester site has a total area of 24,400 square meters, including 5,725 square meters of production space and 1,880 square meters space for offices.

    Voith Paper Limited is an engineering service provider for the British paper industry. At the location in Manchester we offer in-house services like the refurbishment of suction rolls, anti-deflection rolls and press rolls as well as dynamic high pressure testing or dynamic balancing. Furthermore, our engineering specialists offer various on-site services for all paper machine equipment. In addition, spare parts for Voith paper machines for all equipment installed in Great Britain are supplied from the site.

    Voith Paper Limited in Manchester also offers services for other industries in the United Kingdom. These include services for the locomotive and the oil & rubber industry as well as general engineering services.

    Voith Paper Ltd.

    Apex Works, Middleton M24 1GQ Manchester United Kingdom


    t +44 161 643 9273


    Voith Turbo in London

      Velaro Eurostar e320 high-speed train for Eurostar International Limited

      Founded in, 1962 Voith Turbo Limited was establish in Glasgow, Scotland and has grown substantially. Following an initial move south to London in 1972, we now operate from two facilities; one in south London (Croydon) and one in west London (Greenford). These two locations are large, modern workshop facilities that together have a total of 7,900 square meters including 5,800 square meters of production area. In the United Kingdom we offer a comprehensive range of products and services, including overhauls and repairs in our facilities which are fully capable of continually supporting worldwide industries for both Voith and many third party products.

      Our Croydon site is home to our Industrial, Commercial Vehicle and Marine sales teams and our administrative support teams such as HR, IT and Finance. In this facility we can service the entire Voith Turbo range whilst also manufacturing and supporting the Fluidrive range of Fluid Couplings.

      Greenford is our dedicated rail facility and exclusively supports all rail products across the Voith Turbo range and in addition provides overhaul service for a range of third party rail products. It is the base for our Rail sales team.

      Voith Turbo Limited

      Head Office

      6 Beddington Farm Road CR0 4XB Croydon United Kingdom


      t +44 208 667 0333


      Voith Turbo Limited

      49 The Metropolitan Centre Bristol Road UB6 8UP Greenford United Kingdom


      t +44 208 667 0333


      As required by the UK Pensions Regulator, here is the Voith Engineering Limited Pension & Life Assurance Plan.

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