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    Pulping is the first step in the papermaking process, with the purpose of producing a clean fiber suspension that can be pumped forward in the process. Fibers from virgin pulp, recovered paper or paper machine broke are mixed, i.e., pulped, with water to form a suspension inside the pulper. The optimal pulping technology is selected depending on the type of furnish, production output and the contaminants in the furnish. Pulping systems for recovered paper not only disintegrate the paper and board into single fibers but also remove large non-fiber components (rejects), such as plastics or glass.

    In order to avoid breaking the rejects into too small pieces, it is important for the pulping process to find a balance between the main parameters, such as pulping consistency, temperature, retention time and chemical additives. A low amount of rejects in the pulp makes the downstream process easier and more efficient to operate.


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        Benefits Process
      IntensaDrum Duo

      High production

      High reliability

      Drum pulping for recycled fibers


      Enhanced safety

      Easy operation

      Drum pulping for recycled fibers



      Low energy demand

      Pulping of all kinds of paper and fiber material


      High reliability

      Pulper cleaning


      High efficiency

      High reliability

      Pulper cleaning


      Low fiber loss

      Reject washing


      Low energy demand

      Small footprint

      Broke pulping for paper machine


      High reliability

      Pulper cleaning

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          Since recovered paper, bales and many contaminants make the pulping process in stock preparation more difficult, a robust process and resistant machines are essential in pulping. An investment in the Intensa family from Voith is particularly worthwhile, as Voith combines robustness with low energy consumption and fiber loss.
          Wolfgang Mueller, Global Product Manager

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            With the innovative BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.

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